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Volume 116, Issue Number 5
September/October 2001

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 385
Robert A. Rinsky, PhD  
Guest Editorial 387
Steven Whitman, PhD  
Have We Learned Anything After 20 Years of AIDS? Call for a National Health Board 390
Donald P. Francis, MD, DSc  
You Can't Leap a Chasm in Two Jumps: The Institute of Medicine Health Care Quality Report 396
Gordon D. Schiff, MD / Quentin D. Young, MD  
Racial Residential Segregation: A Fundamental Cause of Racial Disparities in Health 404
David R. Williams, PhD, MPH / Chiquita Collins, PhD  
Health Disparities and the US Health Care System 417
Benn Greenspan, PhD  
The Ostrich, the Albatross, and Public Health: An Ecosocial Perspective--Or Why an Explicit Focus on Health Consequences of Discrimination and Deprivation Is Vital for Good Science and Public Health Practice 419
Nancy Krieger, PhD  
An Innovative Path to Improving Cancer Care in Indian Country 424
Linda Burhansstipanov, DrPH / Alisa Gilbert / Khari LaMarca, MA, MPH / Linda U. Krebs, RN, PhD  
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the HIV and Substance Abuse Epidemics: Communities Responding to the Need 434
Anita Raj, PhD / Rodolfo R. Vega, PhD / Thomas W. Mangione, PhD Lucille Norville Perez, MD /  
Measuring Socioeconomic Status/Position in Studies of Racial/Ethnic Disparities: Maternal and Infant Health 449
Paula Braveman, MD, MPH / Catherine Cubbin, PhD / Kristen Marchi, MPH / Susan Egerter, PhD / Gilberto Chavez, MD, MPH  
Relationship between Premature Mortality and Socioeconomic Factors in Black and White Populations of US Metropolitan Areas 464
Richard S. Cooper, MD / Joan F. Kennelly, MPH, PhD / Ramon Durazo-Arvizu, PhD / Hyun-Joo Oh, MS / George Kaplan, PhD / John Lynch, PhD  
Black-White Inequalities in Mortality and Life Expectancy, 1933-1999: Implications for Healthy People 2010 474
Robert S. Levine, MD / James E. Foster, PHD / Robert Fullilove, EdD / Mindy T. Fullilove, MD / Nathaniel C. Briggs, MD, MSc / Pamela C. Hull, MA / Baqar A. Husaini, PhD / Charles H. Hennekens, MD, DrPHg  
Evaluating Chicago's Success in Reaching the Healthy People 2000 Goal of Reducing Health Disparities 484
Abigail Silva, MPH / Steven Whitman, PhD / Helen Margellos, MPH / David Ansell, MD, MPH  
News and Notes 495
NCHS Dataline 497
David Buchanan, DrPH / Ernie Mathieu, MS / Heather Warner / Gladys Lebron  

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