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Volume 122, Issue Number 1
January/February 2007

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Article Title Page Number
Message from the Editor 1
The Personal Costs of Caring for a Child with a Disability: A Review of the Literature 3
Donna Anderson / Serge Dumont / Philip Jacobs / Leila Azzaria  
Evaluation of Public Health Response to Hurricanes Finds North Carolina Better Prepared for Public Heath Emergencies 17
Mary V. Davis, DrPH / Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH / J. Steven Cline / Edward L. Baker  
Application of Economic Impact Analysis to a Local Public Health Agency and its "Academic Health Department" 27
William Livingood, PhD / Susan Coughlin / Walter Bowman / Thomas Bryant, III / Jeffrey Goldhagen, MD, MPH  
Medical Care and Alcohol Use after Testing Hepatitis C Antibody Positive at STD Clinic and HIV Test Site Screening Programs 37
Karen E. Mark / Paula J. Murray / David B. Callahan / Robert A. Gunn  
Vaccination in Juvenile Correctional Facilities: State Practices, Hepatitis B, and the Impact on Anticipated Sexually Transmited Infection Vaccines 44
Sara K. Tedeschi / Loida E. Bonney / Rosario Manalo / Kenneth H. Mayer / Susan Shepardson / Josiah D. Rich / Michelle A. Lally  
Limited Spending: An Analysis of Correctional Expenditures on Antiretrovirals for HIV-Infected Prisoners 49
Nick Zaller / Portia Thurmond / Josiah D. Rich  
Trends in Mental Health and Chronic Condition Visits by Children Presenting for Care at U.S. Emergency Departments 55
Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan / Jeffrey S. Harman / Kelly J. Kelleher  
The National Down Syndrome Project: Design and Implementation 62
Emily G. Allen / Sallie B. Freeman / Cindy L. Oxford-Wright / Stuart W. Tinker / Charlotte Druschel / Charlotte A. Hobbs / Leslie A. O'Leary / Paul A. Romitti / Marjorie H. Royle / Claudine P. Torfs / Stephanie L. Shermanz /  
Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 1954-2003 73
Lawrence B. Finer  
Growth Promoting Antibiotics in Food Animal Production: An Economic Analysis 79
Jay P. Graham, PhD, MBA, MPH / John J. Boland / Ellen Silbergeld  
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Activities Within Michigan Local Public Health Departments 88
Alex R. Kemper / Rebecca L. Uren / Sharon R. Hudson  
Veterans Using and Uninsured Veterans Not Using Veterans Affairs (VA) Heath Care 93
Karin M. Nelson / Gordon A. Starkebaum / Gayle E. Reiber  
A Public Health Response to Implementation of Medicare Part D 101
Gena O'Keefe / Lisa Veale / Marisa North / Katherine Goetzinger / John Stewart / Joshua M. Sharfstein  
Public Health Chronicles 105
International Observer 112
Law and the Public's Health 122
NCHS Dataline 125
Training for and Maintaining Public Health Surge Capacity: A Program for Disease Outbreak Investigation by Student Volunteers 127
Eric N. Gebbie / Stephen S. Morse / Heather Hanson / Michael C. McCollum / Vasudha Reddy, MPH / Kristine M. Gebbie / Elizabeth Smailes / Sharon Balter, MD, MFA  

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