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Volume 122
Supplement 2

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Article Title Page Number
Integrating Viral Hepatitis Prevention into Public Health Programs Serving People at High Risk for Infection: Good Public Health 1
Joanna Buffington / T. Stephen Jones  
Texas Statewide Hepatitis C Counseling and Testing, 2000-2005 6
Gary Heseltine / Jenny McFarlane  
Integrating Viral Hepatitis Prevention Services into an Urban STD Clinic: Denver, Colorado 12
Julie Subiadur / Jennie L. Harris / Cornelis A. Rietmeijer  
Integrating Viral Hepatitis Prevention into STD Clinics in Illinois (excluding Chicago), 1999-2005 18
Richard Zimmerman / Carol Finley / Charlie Rabins / Karen McMahon  
Establishing a Viral Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program: Florida's Experience 24
Linda M. Baldy / Cheryl Urbas / Jennie L. Harris / T. Stephen Jones / Philip E. Reichert  
Does Integrating Viral Hepatitis Services into a Public STD Clinic Attract Injection Drug Users for Care? 31
Robin R. Hennessy / Isaac B. Weisfuse / Karen Schlanger  
Expansion of Adult Hepatitis A and B Vaccination in STD Clinics and Other Settings in New York State 36
Elizabeth J. Herlihy / Susan J. Klein / Martha L. Newcomb / Debra S. Blog / Guthrie S. Birkhead  
Hepatitis B Vaccination in Six STD Clinics in the United States Committed to Integrating Viral Hepatitis Prevention Services 42
Jennie L. Harris / T. Stephen Jones / Joanna Buffington  
Viral Hepatitis Vaccination in an Opioid Treatment Program: Hartford, Connecticut, 2002-2005 48
Paul McLaughlin  
Balancing the Childhood Immunization Program with the Urgent Needs for Adult Hepatitis B Immunization 52
Lance E. Rodewald / Litjen (L.J.) Tan  
The Costs and Impacts of Testing for Hepatitis C Virus Antibody in Public STD Clinics 55
Amanda A. Honeycutt / Jennie L. Harris / Olga Khavjou / Joanna Buffington / T. Stephen Jones / David B. Rein  
Low Prevalance of Hepatitis C Virus Antibody in Men Who Have Sex With Men Who Do Not Inject Drugs 63
Joanna Buffington / Paula J. Murray / Karen Schlanger / Linda Shih / Tracy Badsgard / Robin R. Hennessy / Robert Wood / Isaac B. Weisfuse / Robert A. Gunn  
HCV and HIV Counseling and Testing Integration in California: An Innovative Approach to Increase HIV Counseling and Testing Rates 68
Thomas J. Stopka / Clark Marshall / Ricky N. Bluthenthal / David S. Webb / Steven R. Traux  
Project ECHO: Linking University Specialists with Rural and Prison-Based Clinicians to Improve Care for People with Chronic Hepatitis C in New Mexico 74
Sanjeev Arora / Karla Thornton / Steven M. Jenkusky / Brooke Parish / Joseph V. Scaletti  
Managing Chronic Hepatitis C in Primary-Care Settings: More Than Antiviral Therapy 78
Barry Zevin  
Promoting HCV Treatment Completion for Prison Inmates: New York State's Hepatitis C Continunity Program 83
Susan J. Klein / Lester N. Wright / Guthrie S. Birkhead / Benjamin A. Mojica / Linda C. Klopf / Laurence A. Klein / Ellen L. Tanner / Ira S. Feldman / Edward J. Fraley  
A Community Experience Responding to Hepatitis C 89
Eric J. Rude / Isaac B. Weisfuse  
Advancing Integration of HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Services: State Perspectives 91
Peter Whiticar / Thomas Liberti  
Integrating Hepatitis Services into Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: New Initiatives from SAMHSA 96
Thomas F. Kresina / Kenneth Hoffman / Robert Lubran / H. Westley Clark  
CDC and Progress Toward Integration of HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Prevention 99
John W. Ward / Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP  

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