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Volume 123, Issue Number 4
July/August 2008

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Article Title Page Number
Emergency Preparedness as a Catalyst for Regionalizing Local Public Health: The Massachusetts Case Study
Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH / Amie C. Shei / Christine M. Judge / Michael A. Stoto, PhD / Loris J. Elqura / Harold Cox / Gilbert A. Nick / Jonathan L. Burstein / Suzanne K. Condon  
Regionalization in Local Public Health Departments: The Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium
Patrick Lenihan  
A Regional Approach to Organizing Local Public Health Systems and the Impact on Emergency Preparedness: The Nebraska Experience
David Palm / Colleen Svodoba /  
A Message from the Editor 419
Laurence Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 420
Steven K. Galson  
Letters to the Editor 422
Increasing Safe Syringe Collection Sites in New York State 433
Susan J. Klein / Alma R. Candelas / Jay G. Cooper / Wesley E. Badillo / James M. Tesoriero / Haven B. Battles / Hope A. Plavin  
Regionalization in Local Public Health Systems: Variation in Rationale, Implementation, and Impact on Public Health Preparedness 441
Michael A. Stoto, PhD  
Regional Public Health Emergency Preparedness: The Experience of Massachusetts Region 4b 450
John Grieb / Mary E. Clark  
Regionalization in Local Public Health Systems: Public Health Preparedness in the Washington Metropolitan Area 461
Michael A. Stoto, PhD / Lindsey Morse  
Using Google Earth as an Innovative Tool for Community Mapping 474
Theodore B. Lefer / Matthew R. Anderson / Alice Fornari / Anastasia Lambert / Jason Fletcher / Maria Baquero  
How Much Time Is Safety Worth? A Comparison of Trigger Configurations on Pneumatic Nail Guns in Residential Framing 481
Hester J. Lipscomb / James Nolan / Dennis Patterson / Dimitrios Makrozahopoulos / Kristen L. Kucera / John M. Dement  
Maternal Obesity and Risk of Infant Death Based on Florida Birth Records for 2004 487
Daniel R. Thompson / Cheryl L. Clark / Betsy Wood / Mary Beth Zeni  
Scope of Rapid HIV Testing in Urban U.S. Hospitals 494
Laura M. Bogart / Devery Howerton / James Lange / Kirsten Becker / Claude Messan Setodji  
Economic Benefits of Hepatitis B Vaccination at Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics in the U.S. 504
M'Kiaira K. Miriti / Kaafee Billah / Cindy Weinbaum / Julie Subiadur / Richard Zimmerman / Paula Murray / Robert Gunn / Joanna Buffington  
Ethnic Disparities in Stroke Recognition in Individuals with Prior Stroke 514
Charles Ellis / Leonard E. Egede  
Local Acts: Giving Literacy a Shot in the Arm 523
Margret I. Schnitzer / Dana B. Kaplin / Virginia A. Keane / Barry Zuckerman / Joshua M. Sharfstein  
Law and the Public's Health: Increasing Transparency at the FDA: The Impact of the FDA Amendments Act of 2007 527
Susan F. Wood / Kristen L. Perosino  
NCHS Dataline 531
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: Increasing Awareness of an Interest in Public Health and Cancer Control Careers Among Minority Middle School Students 533
Kassandra I. Alcaraz / Matthew W. Kreuter / Kia L. Davis / Vickie L. Rogers / Theresa W. Samways / Rebecca P. Bryan  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Academics: Training for Disaster Response Personnel: The Development of Proposed Core Competencies in Disaster Mental Health 539
George S. Everly, Jr. / Randal D. Beaton / Betty Pfefferbaum / Cindy L. Parker, MD, MPH  
2008 Summer Programs at Schools of Public Health 543

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