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Volume 123, Issue Number 5
September/October 2008

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Article Title Page Number
A Message From the Editor 547
Laurence Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 548
Steven K. Galson  
Letters to the Editor 551
Disaster Mythology and Fact: Hurricane Katrina and Social Attachment 555
Binu Jacob / Anthony R. Mawson / Marinelle Payton / John C. Guignard  
The Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort: Rationale and Methodology 567
William Pickett / Lesley Day / Louise Hagel / Robert J. Brison / Barbara Marlenga / Punam Pahwa / Niels Koehncke / Trever Crowe / Phyllis Snodgrass / James Dosman  
Place Matters: Variation in the Black/White Very Preterm Birth Rate Across U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 2002-2004 576
Michael R. Kramer / Carol R. Hogue /  
Prenatal Smoking Prevalence Ascertained from Two Population-Based Data Sources: Birth Certificates and PRAMS Questionnaires, 2004 586
Patricia Dietz, DrPH / Van T. Tong, MPH / Lucinda England, MD, MSPH Cheryl B. Prince /  
Degrading and Non-Degrading Sex in Popular Music: A Content Analysis 593
Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD / Melanie A. Gold / Eleanor B. Schwarz / Madeline A. Dalton  
Condom Use Among High-Risk Adolescents: Anticipation of Partner Disapproval and Less Pleasure Associated with Not Using Condoms 601
Larry K. Brown / Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD / Richard Crosby / M. Isabel Fernandez / David Pugatch / Sylvia Cohn / Celia Lescano / Scott Royal / Jacqueline R. Murphy / Barbara Silver / William E. Schlenger  
Patient Risks, Outcomes and Costs of Voluntary HIV Testing at Five Testing Sites Within a Medical Center 608
Supriya D. Mehta / Jonathan Hall / Jeffrey L. Greenwald / Kevin Cranston, MDiv / Paul R. Skolnik  
Risk Factor Redistribution of the National HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data: An Alternative Approach 618
Kathleen McDavid Harrison / Tebitha Kajese / H. Irene Hall, PhD / Ruiguang Song, PhD  
Using Diagnostic Codes to Screen for Intimate Partner Violence in Oregon Emergency Departments and Hospitals 628
Sean D. Schafer / Linda L. Drach / Katrina Hedberg / Melvin A. Kohn  
Public Dental Expenditures and Dental Visits Among Children in the U.S., 1996-2004 636
Thomas P. Wall / Jackson Brown  
Assessment of a Media Campaign and Related Crisis Help Line Following Hurricane Katrina 646
Christopher E. Beaudoin, PhD  
Local Acts: A Multiagency Effort to Reduce Bicyclist Fatalities and Serious Injuries in New York City 652
Jenna Mandel-Ricci / Catherine Stayton / Leze Nicaj / Solomon Assefa / David Woloch / Kevin Jeffrey / Patrick McCarthy / Noah Budnick  
International Observer: The Main Challenges of Polish Oncology 655
Krystyna Syczewska-Weber / Piotr Rucinski  
Law and the Public's Health: When Worlds Collide: Public Health and Union Rights in Virginia Mason Hospital v Washington State Nurses Association 664
Sara Rosenbaum, JD  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: Filling the Gap: Providing Formal Training for Epidemiologists through a Graduate-Level Online Certificate in Field Epidemiology 669
Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH / Amy Ward Mary V. Davis, DrPH /  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Academics: Teaching Emergency Preparedness to Public Health Workers: Use of Blended Learning in Web-Based Training 676
Thomas Chandler / Kristine Qureshi / Kristine M. Gebbie / Stephen S. Morse  

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