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Volume 124, Issue Number 6
November/December 2009

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 771
Laurence D. Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 772
Steven K. Galson  
Updating Public Health Teaching Methods in the Era of Social Media 775
Julie M. Kapp / Joseph W. LeMaster / M. Boden Lyon / Beilei Zhang / Michael C. Hosokawa  
Assessing and Forecasting Population Health: Integrating Knowledge and Beliefs in a Comprehensive Framework 778
Jeroen van Meijgaard / Jonathan E. Fielding / Gerald F. Kominski  
Lessons from the Fields: A Migrant HIV Prevention Project 790
H. Virginia McCoy / WayWay M. Hlaing / Emma Ergon-Rowe / Deanne Samuels / Robert Malow  
Characteristics of Successful Asthma Programs 797
Noreen Clark / Laurie Lachance / Amy Friedman Milanovich / Shelley Stoll / Daniel F. Awad  
Domestic Understanding of the Revised International Health Regulations 806
Rebecca Katz / Heather Allen  
Hepatitis A Seroprevalence and Risk Factors Among Homeless Adults in San Francisco: Should Homelessness Be Included in the Risk-Based Strategy for Vaccination? 813
Karen A. Hennessey / David R. Bangsberg / Cindy Weinbaum / Judith A. Hahn  
Acculturation and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Control Among Hispanic Adults in the United States 818
Pracha P. Eamranond / Christina C. Wee / Anna T.R. Legedza / Edward R. Marcantonio / Suzanne G. Leveille  
Birth and Fatal Death Records and Environmental Exposures: Promising Data Elements for Environmental Public Health Tracking of Reproductive Outcomes 825
Edward Fitzgerald / Daniel Wartenberg / W. Douglas Thompson / Allison Houston  
Primary Health-Care Delivery Gaps Among Medically Underserved Asian American and Pacific Islander Populations 831
Rosy Chang Weir / Winston Tseng / Irene H. Yen / Jeffrey Caballero  
Decline in Smoking During Pregnancy in New York City, 1995-2005 841
Cheryl R. Stein / Jennifer A. Ellis / David A. Savitz / Laura Vichinsky / Sarah B. Perl  
Comparing the National Death Index and the Social Security Administration's Death Master File to Ascertain Death in HIV Surveillance 850
David B. Hanna / Melissa R. Pfeiffer / Judith Sackoff, PhD / Richard M. Selik / Elizabeth M. Begier / Lucia V. Torian, PhD  
Divergence in Contributing Factors for Suicide Among Men and Women in Kentucky: Recommendations to Raise Public Awareness 861
Sabrina Walsh / Richard Clayton / Li Liu / Sue Hodges  
Comparison of Risk Factors for Recovery of Acinetobacter baumannii During Outbreaks at Two Kentucky Hospitals, 2006 868
Suzanne F. Beavers / David B. Blossom / Timothy L. Wiemken / Kelly Y. Kawaoka / Andrew Wong / Linda Goss / Malkanthie I. McCormick / Douglas Thoroughman, PhD, MS / Arjun Srinivasan  
Strengthening the Capacity of Local Health Agencies Through Community-Based Assessment and Planning 875
Carlyn Orians / Shyanika Rose / Brian Hubbard / John Sarisky / Letitia Reason / Tiffiny Bernichon / Edward Liebow / Bradley Skarpness / Sharunda Buchanan  
International Observer: Hospital-Based Surveillance of Infection-Related Mortality in South Korea 883
Jun Yong Choi / Hee-Jin Cheong / Byung Chul Chun / Hye Kyung Park / Han Sung Lee / Hagyung Lee / Sang Il Kim / Min Ja Kim / Hyun-Ha Chang / Sun Hee Lee / Kyung Hwa Park / Doo Ryeon Chung / Jin-Won Chung / Dae Won Park / Young Hwa Choi / Eun Ju Choo / Hye Won Jeong / Hee Jung Yoon / Young Keun Kim / Sang Yop Shin / June Myung Kim  
Law and the Public's Health: Public Health Advocacy in the Courts: Opportunities for Public Health Professionals 889
Jonathan N. Kromm / Shannon Frattaroli / Jon S. Vernick, JD, MPH / Stephen P. Teret  
NCHS Dataline 895
From the Schools of Public Health: On Academics: Epidemiology for High School Students: Improving the Public Health Pipeline 898
Kristi McClamroch, PhD / JoLynn P. Montgomery, PhD, MPH  

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