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Volume 125
Supplement 4: Social Determinants of Health

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Article Title Page Number
GUEST EDITORIAL: Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Tuberculosis 1
Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP / Hazel D. Dean, ScD /  
Include a Social Determinants of Health Approach to Reduce Health Inequities 6
David Satcher, MD, PhD  
Social Determinants of Health and Health-Care Solutions [Feature Article] 8
William H. Foege, MD  
Summary of CDC Consultation to Address Social Determinants of Health for Prevention of Disparities in HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Tuberculosis 11
Tanya Sharpe, PhD / Kathleen McDavid, PhD, MPH / Hazel D. Dean, ScD  
The Social Determinants of HIV Serostatus in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Inverse Relationship Between Poverty and HIV? 16
Ashley Fox, PhD  
Prisons as Social Determinants of Hepatitis C Virus and Tuberculosis Infections 25
Niyi Awofeso, MBChB  
Tuberculosis and Stigmatization: Pathways and Interventions 34
Andrew Courtwright, MD / Abigail N. Turner, PhD  
Risk Factors for HIV Disease Progression in a Rural Southwest American Indian Population 43
Jonathan Iralu, MD / Bonnie Duran, DrPH / Cynthia Pearson, PhD / Yizhou Jiang, MS / Kevin Foley, PhD / Melvin Harrison, BA /  
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Indians in Arizona: An Important Public Health Disparity 51
Michelle Winscott, MD, MPH  
Epidemiologic Differences Between Native-Born and Foreign-Born Black People Diagnosed with HIV Infection in 33 U.S. States, 2001–2007 61
Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH / Xiaohong Hu / Hazel D. Dean, ScD  
Associations of Sex Ratios and Male Incarceration Rates with Multiple Opposite-Sex Partners: Potential Social Determinants of HIV/STI Transmission 70
Enrique R. Pouget, Phd / Trace Kershaw, PhD / Jeannette Ickovics, PhD / Kim M. Blankenship, PhD  
The Context of Economic Insecurity and Its Relation to Violence and Risk Factors for HIV Among Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India 81
Elizabeth Reed, ScD, MPH / Jhumka Gupta / Monica Biradavolu, PhD / Kim M. Blankenship, PhD / Vasavi Devireddy, BS  
Economically Motivated Relationships and Transactional Sex Among Unmarried African American and White Women: Results from a U.S. National Telephone Survey 90
Kristin L. Dunkle, PhD / Gina M. Wingood, ScD / Christina Camp, PhD / Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD  
A Comparison of Registered and Unregistered Female Sex Workers in Tijuana, Mexico 101
Nicole Sirotin, MD / Steffanie A. Strathdee, PhD / Remedios Lozada, MD / Lucie Nguyen, MS / Manuel Gallardo, MD / Alicia Vera, MPH / Thomas L. Patterson, PhD  
Does Education Matter? Examining Racial Differences in the Association Between Education and STI Diagnosis Among Black and White Young Adult Females in the U.S. 110
Lucy Annang, PhD / Katrina M. Walsemann, PhD / Debeshi Maitra, MHA / Jelani C. Kerr, PhD  

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