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Volume 125
Supplement 5: Public Health Preparedness

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Article Title Page Number
Opportunity Knocks But Twice for Public Health Preparedness Centers 1
Bernard J. Turnock, MD, MPH / Jack Thompson, MSW / Edward L. Baker, MD, MPH  
The Centers for Public Health Preparedness Program: From Vision to Reality in Following Social-Distancing Recommendations for Influenza Prevention 4
Edward L. Baker, MD, MPH / Maureen Y. Lichtveld, MD, MPH / Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH  
A Brief History and Overview of CDC’s Centers for Public Health Preparedness Cooperative Agreement Program [Feature Article] 8
Alyson Richmond, MPH, CHES / Liane Hostler, RN, BSN, MPA / Gregg Leeman, BA / Wanda King, MS  
The Evidence Base for Effectiveness of Preparedness Training: A Retrospective Analysis 15
Margaret A. Potter, JD, MS / Kathleen R. Miner, PhD, MPH / Daniel J. Barnett, MD, MPH / Rebecca O. Cadigan, MSc / Laura Lloyd, MPH, CHES / Debra K. Olson, MPH, RN, FAAOHN / Cindy L. Parker, MD, MPH / Elena Savoia, MD, MPH / Kimberley I. Shoaf, DrPH /  
A Longitudinal Study of t he Impact of an Emergency Preparedness Curriculum 24
Mary M. Hoeppner, EdD, MS RN / Debra K. Olson, MPH, RN, FAAOHN / Susan Larson, MPH, RN  
Understanding Quality: A Guide for Developers and Consumers of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Trainings 33
Lisle S. Hites, MS, MED, PhD / James Altschuld, PhD  
Public Health-Specific National Incident Management System Trainings: Building a System for Preparedness 43
Sivan Kohn, MPH / Daniel J. Barnett, MD, MPH / Costanza Galastri, MA / Natalie L. Semon, MSEd / Jonathan M. Links, PhD  
10 Guiding Principles of a Comprehensive Internet-Based Public Health Preparedness Training and Education Program 51
Lorraine K. Alexander, DrPH / Jennifer A. Horney, PhD, MPH, CPH / Milissa Markiewicz, MPH, MIA / Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH  
Training the Public Health Workforce from Albany to Zambia: Technology Lessons Learned Along the Way 61
Edward C. Waltz, PhD / Dayna Maniccia, DrPH, MS / Regina Bryde, MPA, MA / Kristin Murphy, MPH / Brett Harris, MPH / Mark Waldenmaier, BA  
Review of the UNC Team Epi-Aid Graduate Student Epidemiology Response Program Six Years after Implementation 70
Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH / Meredith Davis, MPH / Jennifer A. Horney, PhD, MPH, CPH  
Mapping Student Response Team Activities to Public Health Competencies: Are We Adequately Preparing the Next Generation of Public Health Practitioners? 78
JoLynn P. Montgomery, PhD, MPH / Heidi Durbeck, MPH, MA / Dana Thomas, MPH / Angela J. Beck, PhD, MPH / Amy N. Sarigiannis, MPH / Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH  
State Courts and Public Health: Building Partnerships to Enhance Preparedness 87
Patricia Sweeney, JD, MPH, RN / Samuel Stebbins, MD, MPH / Daniel Stier, JD / Zygmont Pines, JD  
An Academic/Government Partnership to Provide Technical Assistance with Pandemic Influenza Planning to Local Health Departments in North Carolina 92
Richard T. Rosselli, MPH / Meredith Davis, MPH / Kristina Simeonsson, MD, MSPH / Morgan Johnson, MPH / Brant Goode, BSN, MPH / Julie Casani, MD, MPH / Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH  
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Exercises: Lessons Learned 100
Paul D. Biddinger, MD, FACEP / Elena Savoia, MD, MPH / Sarah B. Massin-Short, MPH / Jessica Preston, BA / Michael A. Stoto, PhD  
A Public Health Academic-Practice Partnership to Develop Capacity for Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning 107
Kate S. Wright, EdD, MPH / Mike Thomas, MPH / Dennis P. Durham Jr, MPH / Lillie M. Jackson, MPH / Leslie L. Porth, MPH / Mark Buxton, MA  
Southeastern Regional Pediatric Disaster Surge Network: A Public Health Partnership 117
Peter M. Ginter, PhD / Andrew C. Rucks, PhD / W. Jack Duncan, PhD / Martha S. Wingate, DrPH / S. Kenn Beeman, MD, FACS / Jane Reeves, RN / Maury A. West, LGSW  

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