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Volume 125
Supplement 2: Public Health Laboratories

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Article Title Page Number
Guest Editorial: The Evolving Public Health Laboratory System 1
Frances Pouch Downes / John C. Ridderhof, DrPH, HLCD (ABB)  
The State Public Health Laboratory System 4
Stanley L. Inhorn / J. Rex Astles / M. Stephen Gradus, PhD, D(ABMM) / Veronica Malmberg / Paula M. Snippes / Burton W. Wilcke, Jr., PhD, SM (ASCP) / Vanessa A. White  
Origins and Development of the National Laboratory System for Public Health Testing 18
J. Rex Astles / Vannessa A. White / Laurina O. Williams  
Public Health Laboratory System Improvement Program: Development and Implementation 31
Kathleen C. Milne / Thomas L. Milne  
Laboratory Services in Support of Public Health: A Status Report 40
Burton W. Wilcke, Jr., PhD, SM (ASCP) / Stanley L. Inhorn / J. Rex Astles / Bertina Su, MPH / Abigail Wright / Vanessa A. White  
Community-Driven Standards-Based Electronic Laboratory Data-Sharing Networks 47
Patina Zarcone, MPH / Dale Nordenberg / Michelle Meigs / Ulrike Merrick / Daniel Jernigan / Steven H. Hinrichs, MD  
The Role, Challenges, and Support of PulseNet Laboratories in Detecting Foodborne Disease Outbreaks 57
David Boxrud / Timothy Monson / Tracy Stiles / John Besser  
Systematic Review of Antibiograms: A National Laboratory System Approach for Improving Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Practices in Michigan 63
Martha S. Boehme / Patricia A. Somsel / Frances Pouch Downes  
Knowledge and Perceptions of Quality Systems Among Vermont Laboratorians 73
Steven R. Blumen / Shelly Naud / Mary Val Palumbo / Barbara McIntosh / Burton W. Wilcke, Jr., PhD, SM (ASCP)  
Pandemic Preparedness in Hawaii: A Multicenter Verification of Real-Time RT-PCR for the Direct Detection of Influenza Virus Types A and B 81
A. Christian Whelen, PhD / Matthew J. Bankowski / Glenn Furuya / Stacey Honda / Robert Ueki / Amelia Chan / Karen Higa / Diane Kumashiro / Nathaniel Moore / Roland Lee / Terrie Koyamatsu / Paul V. Effler  
Implementing Routine Testing for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency within Wisconsin's Newborn Screening Program 88
Mei Wang Baker / Ronald H. Laessig / Murray L. Katcher / John M. Routes / William J. Grossman / James Verbsky / Daniel F. Kurtycz / Charles D. Brokopp, MT (ASCP), DrPH  
Basic Personnel Tools to Help Ensure a Future Public Health and Environmental Laboratory Workforce 96
John M. DeBoy, DrPH / Patrick Luedtke / Nancy Warren / Michael D. Wichman, PhD  
Developing Laboratory Networks: A Practical Guide and Application 102
Carol J. Kirk / Peter A. Shult  
Leadership Principles for Developing a Statewide Public Health and Clinical Laboratory System 110
Steven A. Marshall / Charles D. Brokopp, MT (ASCP), DrPH / Tim Size  
Local Public Health Laboratories 118
Michael L. Wilson / M. Stephen Gradus, PhD, D(ABMM) / Scott J. Zimmerman  

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