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Volume 129, Issue No. 4 July/August 2014
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 116 , Issue Number 5
September/October 2001

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 385
Robert A. Rinsky , PhD  
Guest Editorial 387
Steven Whitman , PhD  
Have We Learned Anything After 20 Years of AIDS? Call for a National Health Board 390
Donald P. Francis , MD, DSc  
You Can't Leap a Chasm in Two Jumps: The Institute of Medicine Health Care Quality Report 396
Gordon D. Schiff , MD / Quentin D. Young , MD  
Racial Residential Segregation: A Fundamental Cause of Racial Disparities in Health 404
David R. Williams , PhD, MPH / Chiquita Collins , PhD  
Health Disparities and the US Health Care System 417
Benn Greenspan , PhD  
The Ostrich, the Albatross, and Public Health: An Ecosocial Perspective--Or Why an Explicit Focus on Health Consequences of Discrimination and Deprivation Is Vital for Good Science and Public Health Practice 419
Nancy Krieger , PhD  
An Innovative Path to Improving Cancer Care in Indian Country 424
Linda Burhansstipanov , DrPH / Alisa Gilbert / Khari LaMarca , MA, MPH / Linda U. Krebs , RN, PhD  
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the HIV and Substance Abuse Epidemics: Communities Responding to the Need 434
Anita Raj , PhD / Rodolfo R. Vega , PhD / Thomas W. Mangione , PhD Lucille Norville Perez , MD /  
Measuring Socioeconomic Status/Position in Studies of Racial/Ethnic Disparities: Maternal and Infant Health 449
Paula Braveman , MD, MPH / Catherine Cubbin , PhD / Kristen Marchi , MPH / Susan Egerter , PhD / Gilberto Chavez , MD, MPH  
Relationship between Premature Mortality and Socioeconomic Factors in Black and White Populations of US Metropolitan Areas 464
Richard S. Cooper , MD / Joan F. Kennelly , MPH, PhD / Ramon Durazo-Arvizu , PhD / Hyun-Joo Oh , MS / George Kaplan , PhD / John Lynch , PhD  
Black-White Inequalities in Mortality and Life Expectancy, 1933-1999: Implications for Healthy People 2010 474
Robert S. Levine , MD / James E. Foster , PHD / Robert E. Fullilove , MD / Mindy T. Fullilove , MD / Nathaniel C. Briggs , MD, MSc / Pamela C. Hull , MA / Baqar A. Husaini , PhD / Charles H. Hennekens , MD, DrPHg  
Evaluating Chicago's Success in Reaching the Healthy People 2000 Goal of Reducing Health Disparities 484
Abigail Silva , MPH / Steven Whitman , PhD / Helen Margellos , MPH / David Ansell , MD, MPH  
News and Notes 495
NCHS Dataline 497
David Buchanan , DrPH / Ernie Mathieu , MS / Heather Warner / Gladys Lebron  

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