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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 116
Supplement 1

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Article Title Page Number
The Meaning and Value of Prevention Research 4
Susan C. Scrimshaw / LuAnn White / Jeffrey P. Koplan  
Extramural Prevention Research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10
Lynda Doll / Ruth Berkelman / Allan Rosenfield / Edward Baker  
Partnerships and Coalitions for Community-Based Research 20
Lawrence Green / Mark Daniel / Lloyd Novick  
The National Birth Defects Prevention Study 32
PW Yoon / SA Rasmussen / MC Lynberg / CA Moore / SL Carmichael / P Costa / C Druschel / CA Hobbs / PA Romitti / PH Langlois LD Edmonds /  
The Tuberculosis Trials Consortium: A Model for Clinical Trials Collaborations 41
The Contributions of Managed Care Plans to Public Health Practice: Evidence from the Nation's Largest Local Health Departments 50
Glen P. Mays / Paul K. Halverson / Rachel Stevens  
Project Joy: Faith-Based Cardiovascular Health Promotion for African American Women 68
Lisa R. Yanek / Diane M. Becker / Taryn F. Moy / Joel Gittelsohn / Dyann Matson Koffman  
Safer Choices: Reducing Teen Pregnancy, HIV, and STDs 82
Karin k. Coyle / Karen Basen-Engquist / Douglas Kirby / Guy Parcel / Stephen Banspach / Janet Collins / Elizabeth Baumler / Scott Carvajal / Ronald Harrist  
Telehealth: Reaching Out to Newly Injured Spinal Cord Patients 94
VL Phillips / Susan Vesmarovich / Roxanne Hauber / Edith Wiggers / Amanda Egner  
Long-Term Effectiveness of a Peer-Based Intervention to Promote Condom and Contraceptive Use among HIV-Positive and At-Risk Women 103
Linda A. Fogarty / Charles M. Heilig / Kay Armstrong / Rebecca Cabral / Christine Galavotti / Andrea C. Gielen / Brian M. Green  
Maintenance of a Smoking Cessation Program in Public Health Clinics beyond the Experimental Evaluation Period 120
Clara Manfredi / Kathleen Crittenden / Young Ik Cho / Julie Engler / Richard Warnecke  
Factors Associated with Adolescent Initiation of Injection Drug Use 136
Crystal M. Fuller / David Vlahov / Amelia M. Arria / Danielle C. Ompad / Richard Garfein / Stefanie A. Strathdee  
Risk Factors for Lyme Disease in Chester County, Pennsylvania 146
Gary Smith / E. Paul Wileyto / Robert B. Hopkins / Bryan R. Cherry / John P. Maher  
Profile of Arthritis Disability 157
Lois M. Verbrugge, PhD / Lucia Juarez  
Pregnancy Feelings among Adolescents Awaiting Pregnancy Test Results 180
Rebecca M. Fee / Clea A. McNeely / Renee E. Sieving / Marcia L. Shew Michael D. Resnick /  
Teens' Images of Smoking and Smokers 194
Douglas Luke / Peg Allen / Gretchen Arian / Myra Crawford / S Headen / C Spigner / P Tassler / J Ureda  
Cigarette Smoking and Adolescents: Messages They See and Hear 203
Myra A. Crawford  
A Venue-Based Method for Sampling Hard-to-Reach Populations 216
Farzana B. Muhib / Lillian S. Lin / Robin L. Miller / Wesley L. Ford / Wayne D. Johnson / Philip J. Smith  
Quality Data in Multiethnic Health Surveys 223
Rena J. Pasick / Susan L. Stewart / Joyce A. Bird / Carol N. D'Onofrio  
A Computerized Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Preventive Interventions 244
Gail Daumit / LE Boulware / NR Powe / CS Minkovitz / KD Frick / LA Anderson / GR Janes / RS Lawrence  
The Prevention Research Initiative and the Peer Review Process at CDC 254
Richard W. Sattin  
Thanks to Reviewers 256

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