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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 117 , Issue Number 4
July/August 2002

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Article Title Page Number
Biomonitoring of Industrial Pollutants: Health and Policy Implications of the Chemical Body Burden 315
Joseph W. Thornton, PhD / Michael McCally, MD, PhD / Jane Houlihan, MS  
Winter Harvest of Danger: Fishing On Board a Maine Trawler in the Storm-Tossed North Atlantic [Feature Article] 324
Earl Dotter  
Research Funding, Conflicts of Interest, and the "Meta-methodology" of Public Relations 331
Sheldon Rampton / John Stauber  
Prevalence of Safer Needle Devices and Factors Associated with Their Adoption: Results of a National Hospital Survey 340
Raymond C. Sinclair, PhD / Andrew Maxfield, PhD / Ellen L. Marks, BA / Douglas R. Thompson, PhD / Robyn R. M. Gershon, MT,MHS,DrPH  
Cumulative Trauma Disorder Risk for Children Using Computer Products: Results of a Pilot Investigation with a Student Convenience Sample 350
Adam Burke, PhD / Erik Peper, PhD  
Statewide Prevalences of Concern About Enough Food, 1996-1999 358
Kelly R. Evenson, PhD / Barbara A. Laraia, PhD, RD / Verna L. Lamar Welch, PhD / April L. Perry, MSPH  
Targeting Tuberculosis Testing: The Yield of Source Case Investigations for Young Children with Reactive Tuberculin Skin Tests 366
Cynthia R. Driver, RN, MPH / Isabel M. Cordova, MPH / Sonal S. Munsiff, MD  
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Florida Children and Adolescents, 1994 through 1998 373
Christine J. Macaluso, MSPH / Ursula E. Bauer, PhD / Larry C. Deeb, MD / John I. Malone, MD / Monika Chaudhari, MD / Janet Silverstein, MD / Margaret Eidson, MD / Ronald B. Goldberg, MD / Bonnie Gaughan-Bailey, BS / Robert G. Brooks, MD / Arlan L. Rosenbloom, MD  
A Cluster of Escherichia coli O157: Nonmotile Infections Associated with Recreational Exposure to Lake Water 380
Katharine A. Feldman, DVM, MPH / Janet C. Mohle-Boetani, MD, MPH / Judy Ward, BSN, PHN / Karen Furst, MD, MPH / Sharon L. Abbott, BA / Dennis V. Ferrero, MPH / Alfred Olsen, REHS / S. Benson Werner, MD, MPH  
Immunization Registries: Costs and Savings 386
Verna B. McKenna, MA / Alan Sager, PhD / Julia E. Gunn, RN, MPH / Pat Tormey, RN, MPH / M. Anita Barry, MD, MPH  
Combining Estimates from Complementary Surveys: A Case Study Using Prevalence Estimates from National Health Surveys of Households and Nursing Homes 393
Nathaniel Schenker, PhD / Jane F. Gentleman, PhD / Deborah Rose, PhD / Esther Hing, MPH / Iris M. Shimizu, PhD  
News & Notes 408
NCHS Dataline 411
From the Schools of Public Health 414

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