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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 118 , Issue Number 2
March/April 2003

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Article Title Page Number
The Effect of Soil Abatement on Blood Lead Levels in Children Living Near a Former Smelting and Milling Operation [Feature Article] 83
Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH / Paul Succop, PhD / Sandra Roda, MS / Gerry Henningsen, DVM, PhD  
Epidemiologic Clues to Bioterrorism 92
Tracee A. Treadwell, DVM, MPH / Denise Koo, MD, MPH / Kathleen Kuker / Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH  
The Application of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation to Control Transmission of Airborne Disease: Bioterrorism Countermeasure 99
Philip W. Brickner, MD / Richard L. Vincent, BSc / Melvin First, ScD / Edward Nardell, MD / Megan Murray, MD, MPH, ScD / Will Kaufman, BSc  
Fire Fatalities Among Children: An Analysis Across Philadelphia's Census Tracts 115
Donna Shai, PhD / Paul Lupinacci, PhD  
A Statewide Hepatitis B Vaccination Program for School Children in Hawaii: Vaccination Series Completion and Participation Rates Over Consecutive School Years 127
Athmanundh Dilraj / Judeth Strait-Jones, MPH, Med / Marcia Nagao, MD, MPH / Kate Cui, MD, MS, MPH / Steven Terrell-Perica, MA, MPH, MPA / Paul V. Effler, MD, MPH  
The First Oral Rotavirus Vaccine, 1998-1999: Estimates of Uptake from the National Immunization Survey 134
Philip J. Smith, PhD / Ben Schwartz, MD / Ali H. Mokdad, PhD / Alan B. Bloch, MD / Mary McCauley, MTSC / Trudy V. Murphy, MD  
Completeness of Pediatric TB Reporting in New York City 144
Pablo San Gabriel, MD, MPH / Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH / Katherine Kaye, MD, MPH / Muriel Silin / Ida Onorato, MD / Joann Schulte, DO  
Regulation of Tattooing in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota: Tattooists' Attitudes and Relationship Between Regulation and Practice 154
Monica J. Raymond, MPH, MS / Linda L. Halcon, PhD, MPH / Phyllis L. Pirie, PhD, MPH  
Law and the Public's Health 162
News and Notes 165
NCHS Dataline 167
From the Schools of Public Health 169

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