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Volume 129, Issue No. 4 July/August 2014
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 119 , Issue Number 2
March/April 2004

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 111
Robert A. Rinsky , PhD  
Letter to the Editor 112
Firearm Homicide and Firearm Suicide: Opposite but Equal [Feature Article] 114
Charles C. Branas , PhD / Therese S. Richmond , PhD / C. William Schwab , MD  
State Efforts to Measure the Health Care Safety Net 125
Lynn A. Blewett , PhD / Timothy J. Beebe , PhD  
Development of Guidelines on Nonoccupational HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis for the State of Rhode Island 136
Roland C. Merchant , MD / Kenneth H. Mayer , MD / Carol A. Browning , MS, RN  
An Innovative Blood Lead Screening Program for Indian Children 141
Embry M. Howell , MSPH, PhD / Loretta Russette  
Risk Factors for Delay in Age-Appropriate Vaccination 144
Kevin J. Dombkowski , DrPH / Paula M. Lantz , PhD / Gary L. Freed , MD MPH  
Impact of Health Insurance Status on Vaccination Coverage in Children 19-35 Months Old, United States, 1993-1996 156
Zhen Zhao , Phd / Ali H. Mokdad , PhD / Lawrence Barker , PhD  
Vaccine Coverage Levels after Implementation of a Middle School Vaccination Requirement, Florida, 1197-2000 163
Kieran J. Fogarty , PhD / Mehran S. Massoudi , PhD, MPH / William Gallo / Francisco M. Averhoff , MD, MPH / Hussain Yusuf , MBBS, MPH / Daniel Fishbein , MD  
Occurrence of Low Birthweight and Preterm Delivery Among California Infants Before and After Compulsory Food Fortification with Folic Acid 170
Gary M. Shaw , DrPh / Suzan L. Carmichael , PhD / Verne Nelson , MS / Steve Selvin , PhD / Donna M. Schaffer , RD, MPH  
Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates and Trends in the United States and Canada 174
Kathleen McDavid , PhD, MPH / Judy Lee , MA / John P. Fulton , PhD / Jon Tonita , MSc / Trevor Thompson  
Multiple-Race Mortality Data for California, 2000-2001 187
Katherine E. Heck , MPH / Jennifer D. Parker , PhD / C. Jane McKendry , M.Ed  
Bridging Between Two Standards for Collecting Information on Race and Ethnicity: An Application to Census 2000 and Vital Rates 192
Jennifer D. Parker , PhD / Nathaniel Schenker , PhD / Deborah D. Ingram , PhD / James A. Weed , PhD / Katherine E. Heck , MPH / Jennifer H. Madans , PhD  
Public Health Chronicles -Lessons of History? Anti-Malaria Strategies of the International Health Board and the Rockefeller Foundation From the 1920s to the Era of DDT 206
Darwin H. Stapleton , PhD  
Law and the Public's Health 216
Brian Kamoie , JD, MPH / James G. Hodge, Jr. , JD, LLM  
News and Notes 220
NCHS Dataline 222
From the Schools of Public Health 225
Holly Felix , MPA / M. Kathryn Stewart , MD, MPH / James M. Raczynski , PhD / Thomas A. Bruce , MD  

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