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Volume 129, Issue No. 4 July/August 2014
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 120 , Issue Number 3
May/June 2005

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 217
Robert A. Rinsky , PhD  
Health and Housing Collaboration at LAST: The Philadelphia Lead Abatement Strike Team 218
Carla Campbell , MD, MS / Robert Himmelsbach , BA / Peter Palermo , MS / Richard Tobin , MS, MPA  
Findings from Mental Health Screening of Newly Arrived Refugees in Colorado 224
Daniel Savin , MD / Deborah J. Seymour , PsyD / Linh Nguyen Littleford , PhD / Juli Bettridge / Alexis Giese , MD  
A Two-Stage Sampling Method for Clinical Surveillance of Individuals in Care for HIV Infection in the United States 230
Patrick S. Sullivan , DVM, PhD / John M. Karon , PhD / Faye E. Malitz , MPH / Stephanie Broyles , MPH / Eve D. Mokotoff , MPH / Susan E. Buskin , PhD / Patricia L. Fleming , PhD  
The Relationship Between Blood Lead Levels and Neurobehavioral Test Performance in NHANES III and Related Occupational Studies 240
Edward F. Krieg, Jr , PhD / David W. Chrislip / Carlos Crespo , MS, DrPH / W. Stephen Brightwell / Richard L. Ehrenberg , MD / David A. Otto , PhD  
Vaccine Beliefs of Parents Who Oppose Compulsory Vaccination 252
Allison M. Kennedy , MPH / Cedric J. Brown , MS / Deborah A. Gust , PhD, MPH  
Health Department Collaboration with Emergency Departments as a Model for Public Health Programs Among At-risk Populations 259
Michael S. Lyons , MD / Christopher J. Lindshell , PhD / Holly K. Ledyard , MD / Peter T. Frame , MD / Alexander T. Trott , MD  
Precision in Weighing: A Comparison of Scales Found in Physician Offices, Fitness Centers, and Weight Loss Centers 266
Risa J. Stein , PhD / C. Keith Haddock , PhD / Walker S. C. Poston , PhD, MPH / Dana Catanese / John A. Spertus , MD  
Expanding Tuberculosis Case Detection by Screening Household Contacts 271
Mercedes C. Becerra , ScD / Iliana F. Pachao-Torreblanca / Jaime Bayona , MD, MPH / Rosa Celi , RN / Sonya S. Shin , MD / Jim Yong Kim , MD, PhD / Paul E. Farmer , MD, PhD / Megan Murray , MD, MPH, ScD  
Trends in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries and Implications for Public Health, 1990–2000 278
Chetna Mehrotra , MPH / Patrick L. Remington , MD, MPH / Timothy S. Naimi , MD, MPH / William Washington , MD / Richard Miller , MS  
Invasive Cervical Cancer Among American Indian Women in the Northern Plains, 1994–1998: Incidence, Mortality, and Missed Opportunities 283
Richard F. Leman , MD / David Espey , MD / Nathaniel Cobb , MD  
Querying of Death Certificates in the United States 288
Donna L. Hoyert , PhD / Ann R. Lima  
J. Lockhart Gibson and the Discovery of the Impact of Lead Pigments on Children’s Health: A Review of a Century of Knowledge in Children [Feature Article] 294
David Rosner , PhD / Gerald Markowitz , PhD / Bruce Lanphear , MD, MPH  
A Plea for Painted Railings and Painted Walls of Rooms as the Source of Lead Poisoning Amongst Queensland Children [Feature Article] 301
J. Lockhart Gibson , MD, MRCS  
Screening Housing to Prevent Lead Toxicity in Children [Feature Article] 305
Bruce Lanphear , MD, MPH / Richard Hornung , DrPH / Mona Ho , MS  
Cost of Child Lead Poisoning to Taxpayers in Mahoning County, Ohio [Feature Article] 311
Matthew Stefanak , RS, MPH / Joe Diorio , MS / Larry Frisch , MD, MPH  
Reducing Lead Exposure from Drinking Water: Recent History and Current Status [Feature Article] 316
Richard P. Maas , PhD / Steven C. Patch , PhD / Diane M. Morgan / Tamara J. Pandolfo  
Little Pamphlets and Big Lies: Federal Authorities Respond to Childhood Lead Poisoning, 1935–2003 [Feature Article] 322
Christian Warren , PhD  
Standing Up to the Lead Industry: An Interview with Herbert Needleman [Feature Article] 330
David Rosner , PhD / Gerald Markowitz , PhD  
Public Health Chronicles 338
Mark Parascandola , PhD, MPH  
Law and the Public’s Health 350
Sara Rosenbaum , JD / Taylor Burke , JD, LLM / John Benevelli , JD, MPH / Phyllis C. Borzi , M Ed, JD / Lee Repasch , MA  
NCHS Dataline 353
From the Schools of Public Health: Changing Demographics of Public Health Graduates 355
Caitlin Kennedy , MPH / Timothy G. Baker  
From the Schools of Public Health: Proposing A Marriage of Academe and Public Health 358
Diana J. Cunningham , MLS, MPH / Deborah Viola , MBA, PhD /  

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