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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 120 , Issue Number 4
July/August 2005

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 365
Robert A. Rinsky, PhD  
Guest Editorial: Use of Evidence to Reduce Child Health Disparities in the U.S.: An Introduction to this Issue of Public Health Reports 366
Edward F. Donovan, MD / Barbara Rose  
Moving Beyond the Status Quo in Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Children’s Health 370
Dennis P. Andrulis, PhD, MPH  
Health Disparities in Children: A Lasting Legacy 378
Jim Callaway / Barbara Rose, MPH  
Racial and Ethnic Differences in ADHD and LD in Young School-Age Children: Parental Reports in the National Health Interview Survey 383
Patricia N. Pastor, PhD / Cynthia A. Reuben, MA  
Discrepancies Between Published Data on Racial Classification and Self-Reported Race: Evidence from the 2002 North Carolina Live Birth Records 393
Paul A. Buescher, PhD / Ziya Gizlice, PhD / Kathleen A. Jones-Vessey, MS  
Intergenerational Health Disparities: Socioeconomic Status, Women’s Health Conditions, and Child Behavior Problems 399
Robert S. Kahn, MD, MPH / Kathryn Wilson, PhD / Paul H. Wise, MD, MPH  
Trends in Maternal and Infant Health in Poor Urban Neighborhoods: Good News from the 1990s, but Challenges Remain 409
Embry M. Howell, MSPH, PhD / Kathryn L. S. Pettit, MPP / G. Thomas Kingsley, MCP  
Limited English Proficiency, Primary Language at Home, and Disparities in Children’s Health Care: How Language Barriers are Measured Matters 418
Glenn Flores, MD / Milagros Abreu, MD / Sandra C. Tomany-Korman, MS  
Disparities in Access to Care and Satisfaction Among U.S. Children: The Roles of Race/Ethnicity and Poverty Status 431
Leiyu Shi, DrPH, MBA / Gregory D. Stevens, PhD, MHS  
Poverty Experience, Race, and Child Health 442
Jennifer Malat, PhD / Hyun-Joo Oh, MS / Mary Ann Hamilton, MA  
Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Blood Lead Levels Among Mexican-American Children and Adolescents in the United States 448
Leo S. Morales, MD, PhD / Peter Gutierrez, MA / Jose J. Escarce, MD, PhD  
Disparities in Children’s Use of Oral Health Services 455
Dana C. Hughes, DrPH / Karen G. Duderstadt, RN, MS, NP / Mah-Jabeen Soobader, PhD / Paul W. Newacheck, DrPH  
Public Health Chronicles 463
George Moore, MD, MPH / Berwyn Moore  
Law and the Public’s Health 467
Sara Rosenbaum, JD / Joel Teitelbaum, Jd, LLM  
NCHS Dataline 470
From the Schools of Public Health 472
Nelda Mier, PhD / Veronica Piziak, MD, PhD / Miguel Zuniga, MD, DrPH / Esmeralda Sanchez, BA / Anabel Bocanegra Alonso, MD, MMS / Rosa I. Acosta Gonzalez, MCA / Octelina Castillo Ruiz, MPH / Jose A. Ramirez de Leon, PhD  

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