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Volume 129, Issue No. 4 July/August 2014
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 120 , Issue Number 6
November/December 2005

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 585
Robert A. Rinsky , PhD  
A Discussion of Hazardous Child Labor 586
David Parker , MD, MPH / Martha Overby , JD  
Letter to the Editor 589
C182–Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 [Feature Article] 591
R190–Worst Forms of Child Labour Recommendation, 1999 [Feature Article] 594
Injuries in Child Laborers in the Informal Sector in Mexico City, Mexico, 1997 598
Sherry Baron , MD, MPH  
Green Tobacco Sickness in Children and Adolescents [Feature Article] 602
Robert H. McKnight , ScD, MPH / Henry A. Spiller , MS, DABAT  
Hazardous Child Labor: Lead and Neurocognitive Development [Feature Article] 607
Lisa S. Ide , MD, MPH / David Parker , MD, MPH  
Challenges in Determining How Child Work Affects Child Health 614
Deborah Levison , PhD / Marta Murray-Close , MPP  
Nontraditional Work Factors in Farmworker Adolescent Populations: Implications for Health Research and Interventions 622
Sara R. Cooper , BBA / Sharon P. Cooper , PhD / Sarah S. Felknor , DrPH / Vilma S. Santana , MD, PhD / Frida M. Fischer , PhD / Eva M. Shipp , MS / Martha S. Vela Acosta , MD, MS,PhD  
The SIMPOC Philippine Survey of Children 2001: A Data Source for Analyzing Occupational Injuries to Children 631
Charita L. Castro , MSW / Sarah Gormly , PhD / Amy R. Ritualo , MA  
Child Labor, Gender, and Health 642
Andrea Leinberger-Jabari , MPH / David Parker , MD, MPH / Charles Oberg , MD, MPH  
Child Labor in Ghana Cocoa Production: Focus upon Agricultural Tasks, Ergonomic Exposures, and Associated Injuries and Illnesses 649
L. Diane Mull , BSb, ED / Steven R. Kirkhorn , MD, MPH  
The Effects of Solvent Exposure on Memory and Motor Dexterity in Working Children 657
Basema Saddik , MPH / Ann Williamson , PhD / Iman Nuwayhid , MD, DrPH / Deborah Black , Mstat, PhD  
Child Labor and Musculoskeletal Disorders: The Pelotas (Brazil) Epidemiological Survey 665
Anaclaudia Gastal Fassa , MD, PhD,MS / Luiz Augusto Facchini , MD, MD,PhD / Marinel Mor Dall'Agnol , MD, MS / David C. Christiani , MD, MS,MPH  
Public Health Chronicles 675
Alexandra Minna Stern , PhD  
Law and the Public’s Health 680
Sara Rosenbaum , JD  
NCHS Dataline 683
From the Schools of Public Health 685
J. Mac Crawford , PhD / Joanne Pearsol , MA / John Rule , BS / Shirley Funt , M.Ed / Kathleen Koechlin , PhD  
Academic Public Health Community Responds to Hurricane Katrina 688
Beth Rada , MS / Kalpana Ramiah , MSc, MPH  
Advertisements 692

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