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Volume 129, Issue No. 2 March/April 2014
Current Issue
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ISSN 0033-3549

March/April 2014
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A Message from the Editor
Mary Beth Bigley, DrPH, MSN, ANP

Surgeon General’s Perspectives: C. Everett Koop and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
Boris D. Lushniak , MD, MPH, RADM

Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee: Standards for Adult Immunization Practice
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

From the Schools and Programs of Public Health, On Academics: Incorporating Global Health Competencies into the Public Health Curriculum
Kate Winskell, PhD / Dabney Evans, PhD, MPH / Rob Stephenson, PhD / Carlos Del Rio, MD, FIDSA / James W. Curran, MD, MPH

From the Schools and Programs of Public Health, Student Column: Demographic Disparities in the Tobacco Retail Environment in Boston: A Citywide Spatial Analysis
Dustin T. Duncan, ScD / Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD / Steven J. Melly, MS / Jeffery Blossom, MA / Glorian Sorensen, PhD, MPH / David R. Williams, PhD, MPH

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Volume 120
Supplement 1

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Article Title Page Number
A Wake-up Call For Public Health 1
Kathleen R. Miner , PhD, MPH / Pam Redmon , MPH, BSN / Kathleen Toomey , MD, MPH  
From the Chair of the ASPH Board 3
James W. Curran , MD, MPH  
Academic Centers for Public Health Preparedness: A Giant Step for Practice in Schools of Public Health 4
Lee Thielen , MPA / Charles S. Mahan , MD / Antigone R. Vickery / Laura A. Biesiadecki , MSPH  
The MACH Model: From Competencies to Instruction and Performance of the Public Health Workforce 9
Kathleen R. Miner , PhD, MPH / Wendy Kurz Childers , MPH, MA / Melissa Alperin , MPH, CHES / Joan Cioffi , PhD / Nancy Hunt , PhD  
Incorporating Mental Health into Bioterrorism Response Planning 16
Michael T. Compton , MD, MPH / Raymond J. Kotwicki , MD, MPH / Nadine Kaslow , PhD / Dori B. Reissman , MD, MPH / Scott F. Wetterhall , MD, MPH  
Public Health Strategy and the Police Powers of the State 20
Jorge E. Galva , JD, MHA / Christopher G. Atchison , MPA / Samuel Levey , PhD, SM  
Development and Implementation of a Public Health Workforce Training Needs Assessment Survey in North Carolina 28
Lisa Macon Harrison , BSPH / Mary V. Davis , DrPH, MSPH / Pia D. M. MacDonald , PhD, MPH / Lorraine K. Alexander , DrPH / J. Steven Cline , DDS, MPH / Janet G. Alexander , MSPH / Erin E. Rothney , MPH / Tara P. Rybka , MPH / Rachel H. Stevens , EdD, MSN  
Team Epi-Aid: Graduate Student Assistance with Urgent Public Health Response 35
Pia D. M. MacDonald , PhD, MPH  
Educating Health Professionals to Respond to Bioterrorism 42
W. Paul McKinney , MD / Gina C. Wesley , PhD / Mary V. Sprang , PhD / Adewale Troutman , MD, MPH  
Integration of Academia and Practice in Preparedness Training: The Harvard School of Public Health Experience 48
Rebecca A. Orfaly , MS / Paul D. Biddinger , MD, FACEP / Jonathan L. Burstein , MD / Jennifer Leaning , MD, SMH  
The South Central Center for Public Health Preparedness Training System Model: A Comprehensive Approach 52
Sue Ann Sarpy , PhD / Sheila W. Chauvin , PhD / Lisle S. Hites , MS, MED, PhD / Laurita Santacaterina , MS / Stuart Capper , DrPH / Martha Cuccia , MPH / Ann C. Anderson , PhD / Donna Petersen , ScD, MHS  
Development of an Interactive Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections Curriculum for Medical Students and Internal Medicine Residents 59
Murtaza Cassoobhoy , MD / Scott F. Wetterhall , MD, MPH / Darren F. Collins / Paul T. Cantey , MD, MPH / Christopher J. Iverson , MD / Judith R. Rudnick , MD / Carlos Del Rio , MD  
An Innovation in Partnership Among First Responders and Public Health: Bridging the Gap 64
Danilea Werner , MPH, MSW / Kathleen Wright , EdD / Mike Thomas , MPH / Mark Edgar , MPH  
Partnering for Preparedness: The Project Public Health Ready Experience 69
Librada C. Estrada , MMPH, CHES / Michael R. Fraser , PhD / Joan Cioffi , PhD / DeAnna Sesker , BS / Laurie Walkner , MA / Michael W. Brand , PhD / Dave S. Kerby , PhD / David L. Johnson , PhD / Gary Cox , JD / Lou Brewer , RN, MPH  
Public Health and Terrorism Preparedness: Cross-Border Issues 76
Debra K. Olson , MPH, RN, FAAOHN / Aggie Leitheiser , MPH, RN / Christopher G. Atchison , MPA / Susan Larson , MPH, RN / Cassandra Homzik , BA  
The Practice Community Meets the Ivory Tower: A Health Department/ Academic Partnership to Improve Public Health Preparedness 84
Judith R. Covich , RN, MA / Cindy L. Parker , MD, MPH / Vanessa A. White , MPH  
Competency Mapping and Analysis for Public Health Preparedness Training Initiatives 91
Judith G. Calhoun , PhD, MBA / Rosemarie Rowney , MPH, RN / Emilie Eng , MPH / Yael Hoffman , MPH, MSW  
Nevada’s Academic-Practice Collaboration: Public Health Preparedness Possibilities Outside an Academic Center 100
Kristen Clements-Nolle , PhD, MPH / Deborah S. Ballard-Reisch , PhD / Randall L. Todd , DrPH / Tia Jenkins  
Cross-Sector Leadership Development for Preparedness 109
Margaret A. Potter , JD, MS / Helen K. Burns , PhD / Gerald Barron , MPH / Alice Grofebert , MPH / G. Daniel Bednarz , PhD  

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