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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 121 , Issue Number 3
May/June 2006

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 227
Public Health Detailing: A Strategy to Improve the Delivery of Clinical Prevetive Services in New York City 228
Kelly Larson / Joslyn Levy / Martha G. Rome / Thomas D. Matte / Lynn D. Silver / Thomas R. Frieden  
Settlement-Funded Tobacco Control in Texas: 2000-2004 Pilot Project Effects on Cigarette Smoking 235
Alfred L. McAlister / Philip Huang / Amelie G. Ramirez  
The Association of Low Birthweight and Chronic Renal Failure Among Medicaid Young Adults with Diabeties and/or Hypertension 239
Z. Joyce Fan / Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH / Stuart R. Lipsitz / Joyce S. Nicholas  
Does Literacy Mediate the Relationship Between Education and Health Outcomes? A Study of a Low-Income Population with Diabeties 245
Dean Schillinger / Lauren R. Barton / Andrew J. Karter / Frances Wang / Nancy Adler  
Alleged B. Anthracis Exposure Claims in a Workers' Compensation Setting 255
Gregory Jewell / Kari Dunning / James E. Lockey  
Measles Immunization Coverage Determined by Serology and Immunization Record from Children in Two Chicago Communities 262
John T. Watson / Enrique Ramirez / Anne Evens, PhD / William J. Bellini / Hope Johnson / Julie Morita  
The Role of Flushing Dental Waterlines for the Removal of Microbial Contaminants 270
Eugene W. Rice / William K. Rich / Clifford H. Johnson / Dennis J. Lye  
Use of Death Certificates to Study Ethnic-Specific Mortality 275
Angela F. Caveney / Melinda A. Smith / Lewis B. Morgenstern / Lynda D. Lisabeth  
Evaluation of Death Certificate-Based Surveillance for Traumatic Brain Injury - Oklahoma 2002 282
Sara Russell Rodriguez / Sue Mallonee / Pam Archer / Jeffery Gofton  
Putting "Child Mental Health" into Public Health [Feature Article] 292
Karen Hacker / Karen Darcy  
Mental Health in Schools and Public Health [Feature Article] 294
Linda Taylor  
Improving the Care of Children with Mental Illness: A Challenge for Public Health and the Federal Government [Feature Article] 299
Henry A. Waxman  
Estimating the Prevalence of Early Childhood Serious Emotional / Behavioral Disorders: Challenges and Recommendations [Feature Article] 303
Cheryl Boydell Brauner / Cheryll Bowers Stephens  
Children's Health Services in a "System of care": Patterns of Mental Health, Primary and Specialty Use [Feature Article] 311
Katherine E. Grimes / Patricia E. Kapunan / Brian Mullin  
The Use of AAP-Recommended Pratice Guidelines Among African American Caregivers of Children in Head Start Programs [Feature Article] 324
Ivor B. Horn / Amy Lewin / Jocelyn Turner-Musa / Mark C. Edwards / Jill G. Joseph  
International Observer 331
Law and the Public's Health 337
NCHS Dataline 340
Service Learning to Impact Homelessness: The Result of Academic and Community Collaboration [Feature Article] 343
Jonathan D. Brown / Lee Bone / Laura Gillis / Louise Treherne / Kevin Lindamood / Linda Marsden  
Injury Prevention and Control Research and Training in Accredited Schools of Public Health: A CDC/ASPH Assesment [Feature Article] 349
David Hemenway / Geraldine S. Aglipay, BS / Karen L. Helsing / Gary E. Raskob  

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