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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 121 , Issue Number 6
November/December 2006

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 643
Letter to the Editor 645
Crisis in Access to Care: Geriatric Psychiatry Services Unobtainable at Any Price 646
Robert C. Abrams / Robert C. Young  
An Occupational Health Services Initiative at a Women's Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan 650
Margaret Kitt, MD, MPH / Gulmakai Khalid / Shakira Rahimi / Brian J. McCarthy  
Outbreak Bias in Illness Reporting and Case Confirmation in Ciguatera Fish Poisoning Surveillance in South Florida 658
Elizabeth M. Begier / Lorraine C. Backer / Richard S. Weisman / Roberta M. Hammond / Lora E. Fleming / Donna Blythe  
Relating West Nile Virus Case Fatality Rates to Demographic and Surveillance Variables 666
Julie Tackett / Richard Charnigo / Glyn Caldwell  
Infectious Disease Hospitalizations Among Older American Indian and Alaska Native Adults 674
Robert C. Holman, MS / Aaron T. Curns / Rosalyn J. Singleton / James J. Sejvar / Jay C. Butler / Edna L. Paisano / Lawrence B. Schonberger / James E. Cheek, MD, MPH  
Preventing Influenza: Vaccine Systems and Practices in the Southeast 684
Julie A. Gazmararian / Walter A. Orenstein, MD / Pascale Wortley / James W. Buehler / Lisa Elon / Jeffery P. Koplan / Laura Schild / Tonya Dixon / Paul Weiss / David S. Stephens  
Can Data from Programs for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV be Used for HIV Surveillance in Kenya? 695
Nicole Seguy / Wolfgang Hladik / Esther Munyisia / Omotayo Bolu / Larry M. Marum / Theresa Diaz  
The Effect of Message Type on Physician Compliance with Disease Reporting Requirements 703
Ian Brissette / Kitty H. Gelberg / Anthony J. Grey  
Self-Reported Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Status and Risk Behavior in Young Injectors 710
Holly Hagan / Jennifer Campbell / Hanne Thiede / Steffanie Strathdee / Lawrence Ouellet / Farzana Kapadia / Sharon Hudson / Richard S. Garfein  
The Association Between Childhood Athsma and Community Violence, Los Angeles County, 2000 720
Jessica Jeffrey / Isabelle Sternfeld / Ira Tager  
Inadequate Prenatal Care and Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Children Born In Providence, Rhode Island: A Population-Based Study 729
Anna Greene / Rachel Morello-Frosch / Edmond D. Shenassa  
A State-Based Analysis of Pubilc Health Preparedness Progams in the United States 737
Leslie M. Beitsch / Samata Kodolikar / Tim Stephens / Daniel Shodell / Art Clawson / Nir Menachemi / Robert G. Brooks  
The Contribution of Specific Causes of Death to Sex Differences in Mortality 746
Mitchell D. Wong / Anne K. Chung / W. John Boscardin / Ming Li / Hsin-Ju Hsieh / Susan L. Ettner / Martin F. Shapiro  
Smoking Prevalence Among Asian Americans: Findings from the National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS) 755
David H. Chae / Amelia R. Gavin / David T. Takeuchi  
International Observer 764
Law and the Public's Health 769
NCHS Dataline 773
Urban Evacuations and Rural America: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Rita 775
S. Kay Carpender / Paul H. Campbell / Barbara J. Quiram / Joshua Frances / Jill J. Artzberger  

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