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Volume 130, Issue No. 6 November/December 2015
Current Issue
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ISSN 0033-3549

November/December 2015
Public Health Reports

A Message from the Editor
Frederic E. Shaw, MD, JD

Surgeon General's Perspectives: A Season of Hope, a Season of Action: Addressing Mental Health through Faith Communities
Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA

Assessing the State of Vaccine Confidence in the United States: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Underreporting of Melanoma in Arizona and Strategies for Increasing Reporting: A Public Health Partnership Approach
Robin B. Harris, PhD / Stephanie M. Koch, MPH / Chris Newton, MPA / Nancy G. Silvis, MD / Clara Curiel-Lewandroski, MD / Joseph Giancola, MD / Paul Sagerman, MD / Steven Alder, MD / Georgia Yee, CTR / Timothy J. Flood, MD

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Volume 121
Supplement - Historical Collection

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Article Title Page Number
Bulletins: No. 1, Office Surgeon General, U.S.M.H.S.  Requires online subscription 1
JNO. M. Woodworth  
Formaldehyde as a Disinfecting Agent and its Practical Application (1897)  Requires online subscription 4
J.J. Kinyoun  
Plague in San Francisco (1900)  Requires online subscription 16
J.J. Kinyoun / Walter Wyman  
Porto Rico Report on the High Mortality on the Island (1900)  Requires online subscription 38
W.W. King  
Experimental Transmission of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever by Means of the Tick (1906)  Requires online subscription 44
W.W. King  
Smallpox and Vaccination in Cuba (1911)  Requires online subscription 46
P. Villoldo  
Experimental Measles in the Monkey: A Supplemental Note (1911)  Requires online subscription 50
John F. Anderson / Joseph Goldberger  
Hookworm Disease (1913)  Requires online subscription 58
C.H. Wardell Stiles / W.L. Altman  
A Model State Law for Morbidity Reports (1913)  Requires online subscription 70
The Etiology of Pellagra (1914)  Requires online subscription 76
Joseph Goldberger  
Quinine Prophylaxis for Malaria (1914)  Requires online subscription 80
H.R. Carter  
Typhus Fever (1915)  Requires online subscription 86
John F. Anderson  
Mental Examination of Immigrants Administration and Line Inspection at Ellis Island (1917)  Requires online subscription 92
E.H. Mullan  
Undetermined Disease - Valencia (1918)  Requires online subscription 104
Health Insurance, the Medical Profession, and the Public Health (1919)  Requires online subscription 106
B.S. Warren / Edgar Sydenstricker  
War Activities of the United States Public Health Service (1919)  Requires online subscription 116
Benjamin S. Warren / Charles F. Bolduan  
The Public Health Program of the United States Training Corps for Women (1919)  Requires online subscription 132
L.L. Lumsden  
Coordination and Expansion of Federal Health Activities (1919)  Requires online subscription 136
B.S. Warren  
The Epidemiology of Influenza (1919)  Requires online subscription 148
W.H. Frost  
The Prevalence and Trend of Drug Addiction in the United States and Factors Influencing It (1924)  Requires online subscription 160
Lawrence Kolb / A.G. Du Mez  
A State-Wide Milk Sanitation Program (1924)  Requires online subscription 174
Leslie C. Frank  
The Incidence of Influenza Among Persons of Different Economic Status During the Epidemic of 1918 (1931)  Requires online subscription 190
Edgar Sydenstricker  
Trends in Diphtheria Mortality (1933)  Requires online subscription 206
Endemic Fluorosis and its Relation to Dental Caries (1938)  Requires online subscription 212
H. Trendley Dean  
Sulfanilamide in the Treatment of Leprosy (1942)  Requires online subscription 220
G. H. Faget / Sister Hilary Ross / F.A. Johansen /  
Radiation Exposure in the United States (1953)  Requires online subscription 224
Dade W. Moeller / James G. Terrill / Samuel C. Ingraham II  
Untreated Syphilis in the Male Negro (1954)  Requires online subscription 234
J.K. Shafer / Lida J. Usilton / Geraldine A. Gleeson  
Poliomyelitis Vaccination (1955)  Requires online subscription 242
Alexander D. Langmuir  
The First 12 Years of WHO (1958)  Requires online subscription 246
Thomas Parran  
Health Needs of the Nation (1961)  Requires online subscription 252
Luther L. Terry  
Governmental Responsibilities in Environmental Health (1961)  Requires online subscription 258
Leroy E. Burney  
Physicians for the Underserved (1980)  Requires online subscription 264
Fitzhugh Mullan  
The Health Consequences of Smoking: Cancer,” Overview of a Report of the Surgeon General (1982)  Requires online subscription 268
C. Everett Koop / Joanne Luoto /  
The Need for Professional Doctors of Public Health (1986)  Requires online subscription 276
Milton I. Roemer  
Surgeon General’s Report on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (1987)  Requires online subscription 286
C. Everett Koop  

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