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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 122 , Issue Number 2
March/April 2007

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Article Title Page Number
Message from the Editor 137
Carbon Monoxide: The Case for Environmental Public Health Surveillance 138
Judith M. Graber / Steven C. Macdonald / Daniel E. Kass / Andrew E. Smith / Henry A. Anderson, MD  
Results from a State-Based Surveillance System for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 145
Judith M. Graber / Andrew E. Smith  
Chickenpox Exposure and Herpes Zoster Disease Incidence in Older Adults in the U.S. 155
Sandra S. Chaves / Tammy A. Santibanez, PhD / Paul Gargiullo / Dalya Guris  
Estimating Heath Care-Associated Infections and Deaths in U.S. Hospitals, 2002 160
R. Monina Klevens, DDS, MPH / Jonathan R. Edwards / Chelsey L. Richards, MD, MPH / Teresa C. Horan / Robert P. Gaynes / Daniel A. Pollock / Denise M. Cardo  
The Public's Preparedness for Hurricanes in Four Affected Regions 167
Robert J. Blendon / John M. Benson / Catherine M. DesRoches / Katherine Lyon-Daniel / Elizabeth W. Mitchell / William E. Pollard  
Trends in Socioeconomic Inequalities in Adult Health Behaviors Among U.S. States, 1990-2004 177
Sam Harper / John Lynch  
Extending Medicaid Coverage for Family Planning Services: Alabama's First Four Years 190
Janet M. Bronstein / Annie Vosel / Sherry K. George / Charlena Freeman / Leigh Anne Payne  
Determining the Effect of Newborn Hearing Screening Legistlation: An Analysis of State Hearing Screening Rates 198
Denise R. Green / Marcus Gaffney / Owen Devine / Scott D. Grosse, PhD  
Low Income Parents' Reports of Communication Problems with Health Care Providers: Effects of Language and Insurance 206
Lisa Clemans-Cope / Genevieve Kenney  
Outcomes in Men Denied Access to a California Public Assistance Program for Prostate Cancer 217
Jennifer T. Anger / Sally L. Maliski / Tracey L. Krupski / Lorna Kwan / John L. Gore / Arlene Fink / Sarah E. Connor / James R. Orecklin / Mark S. Litwin  
Prevalence of Residential Smoke Alarms and Fire Escape Plans in the U.S.: Results from the Second Injury Control and Risk Survey (ICARIS-2) 224
Michael F. Ballesteros / Marcie-Jo Kresnow  
Acute Pesticide Poisoning in the U.S. Retail Industry, 1998-2004 232
Geoffrey M. Calvert / Ann M. Petersen / Jennifer Sievert / Louise N. Mehler / Rupali Das / Lucy C. Harter / Cinzia Romolo / Alan Becker / Cynthia Ball / Dorilee Male / Abby Schwartz / Michelle Lackovic  
Prescribing Prevention to Treat Urban Violence 245
Maia BrodyField / Nancy Norman / Thea James  
Immunity for the People: The Challenge of Achieving High Vaccine Coverage in American History 248
James Colgrove  
International Observer 258
Law and the Public's Health 264
NCHS Dataline 268
Academic Public Health Community Responds to Hurricanes: A History of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health Response and New Infrastructure, 1999-2006 [Feature Article] 270
Jennifer A. Horney, PhD, MPH, CPH / Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH  

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