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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 122 , Issue Number 3
May/June 2007

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Article Title Page Number
Epidemiology and Education: Using Public Health for Teaching Mathematics and Science 283
Donna F. Stroup / Stephen B. Thacker  
The New Mexico Clinical Prevention Initiative: A Statewide Prevention Partnership 292
David K. Espey / Susan L. Baum / Ann Moore Jung / Richard L. Kozoll  
Baseline Assessment of Public Health Informatics Competencies in Two Hudson Valley Health Departments 302
Diana J. Cunningham / Marie T. Ascher / Deborah Viola / Paul F. Visintainer  
Survey of State Practices During the 2004-2005 Influenza Vaccine Shortage 311
Tom T. Shimabukuro / Pascale Wortley / Barbara Bardenheier / Eddy A. Bresnitz / Anna M. DeBlois / Christine G. Hahn / Ellen J. Mangione  
Changes in Driver Fatality Rates and Vehicle Incompatibility Concurrent with Changes in the Passenger Vehicle Fleet 319
Keli A. Braitman / Susan A. Ferguson / Kamal Elharam  
Development of a Survey Instrument to Measure Connectivity to Evaluate National Public Health Preparedness and Response Performance 329
Barry C. Dorn / Elena Savoia, MD, MPH / Marcia A. Testa / Michael A. Stoto, PhD / Leonard J. Marcus  
Injury Mortality Rates in Native and Non-Native Children: A Population-Based Study 339
A. Robertson Harrop / Rollin F. Brant / William A. Ghali / Colin Macarthur  
Perceived Discrimination Among Severely Disadvantaged People with HIV Infection 347
Nancy Sohler / Xuan Li / Chinazo Cunningham  
Exposure to West Nile Virus During the 2002 Epidemic in Cuyahoga County, Ohio: A Comparison of Pediatric and Adult Behaviors 356
Angelle DesirĂ©e LaBeaud / Jeffery R. Kile / Christopher Kippes / Charles H. King / Anna M. Mandalakas  
Racially Disproportionate Admission Rates for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions in North Carolina 362
Daniel L. Howard / Farrukh B. Hakeem / Christopher Njue / Timothy Carey / Yhenneko Jallah  
Investigating Asthma Deaths Among Children and Young Adults: Michigan Asthma Mortality Review 373
Kenneth D. Rosenman / Elizabeth A. Hanna / Sarah K. Lyon-Callo / Elizabeth A. Wasilevich  
Racial Misidentification of American Indians/Alaska Natives in the HIV/Aids Reporting Systems of Five States and One Urban Health Jurisdiction, U.S., 1984-2002 382
Jeanne Bertolli, PhD / Lisa M. Lee, PhD, MA, MS / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD / AI/AN Race/Ethnicity Data Validation Workgroup  
Providing Naloxone to Substance Users for Secondary Administration to Reduce Overdose Mortality in New York City 393
Daliah I. Heller, MPH / Sharon Stancliff  
Public Health, Culture, and Colonial Medicine: Smallpox and Variolation in Palestine During the British Mandate 398
Nadav Davidovitch / Zalman Greenberg  
International Observer 407
Law and the Public's Health 414
NCHS Dataline 417
Book Review 420
Identifying and Protecting Vulnerable Populations in Public Health Emergencies: Addressing Gaps in Education and Training 422
Martha S. Wingate, DrPH / Emily C. Perry / Paul H. Campbell / Prabu David / Elizabeth McGean Weist, MA, MPH, CPH  

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