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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 122 , Issue Number 4
July/August 2007

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Article Title Page Number
Message from the Editor 431
Letters to the Editor 432
The National Board of Public Health Examiners: Credentialing Public Health Graduates 435
Kristine Gebbie / Bernard D. Goldstein / David I. Gregorio / Walter Tsou / Patricia Buffler, PhD, MPH / Donna Petersen, ScD, MHS / Charles Mahan / Gillian B. Silver  
Health Services for HIV/AIDS, HCV, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs 441
Lawrence S. Brown, Jr. / Steven Kritz / R. Jeffrey Goldsmith / Edmund J. Bini / Jim Robinson / Donald Alderson / John Rotrosen  
Enrolling in Medicaid Through the National School Lunch Program: Outcome of a Pilot Project in California Schools 452
Michael R. Cousineau / Eriko O. Wada / Laura Hogan  
Assessment of Kindergarten Immunization Rates in Colorado: School Self-Reports vs. Health Department Audits - 2004-2005 461
Carol Stanwyck / Jill Davila / Lane Wake / Marianne Koshak  
Disaster Preparedness for Limited English Proficient Communities: Medical Interpreters as Cultural Brokers and Gatekeepers 466
Sharyne Shiu-Thornton / Joseph Balabis / Kirsten Senturia / Aracely Tamayo / Mark Oberle, MD, MPH  
Modified Directly Observed Therapy for Antiretroviral Therapy: A Primer from the Field 472
Kathy Goggin / Robin J. Liston / Jennifer Adelson Mitty  
Do the Same Houses Poison Many Children? An Investigation of Lead Poisoning in Rochester, New York, 1993-2004 482
Katrina Smith Korfmacher / Kate Kuholski  
Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Missouri's System of Public Health Emergency Planners 488
Jenine K. Harris / Bruce Clements  
Validity of Self-Reported Varicella Disease History in Pregnant Women Attending Prenatal Clinics 499
Meredith Reynolds / Barbara Watson / Rachel Civen / Karl Heath / Dana Perella, MSPH / Tina Carbajal / Laurene Mascola / Aisha Jumaan / Laura Zimmerman / Abike James / Carlene Quashi / Scott Schmid /  
Age and Race Impact the Association Between BMI and CVD Mortality in Women 507
Jill E. Abell / Brent M. Egan / Peter W.F. Wilson / Stuart Lipsitz / Robert F. Woolson / Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH  
Medicaid/State Children's Health Insurance Program Patients and Infectious Diseases Treated in Emergency Departments: U.S., 2003 513
Nelson Adekoya, DrPH  
Comparison of Two Signal Detection Methods in a Coroner-Based System for Near Real-Time Mortality Surveillance 521
Matthew R. Groenewold  
Health-Care Use and Expenditures for Children in Special Education with Special Health-Care Needs: Is Dual Classification a Marker for High Use? 531
Laura Sices / Jeffrey S. Harman / Kelly J. Kelleher  
Public Health Chronicles: Contested Science and Exposed Workers: ASARCO and the Occupational Standard for Inorganic Arsenic 541
Marianne Sullivan  
Local Acts: An Organizational Code of Public Health Ethics: Practical Applications and Benefits 548
Matthew Stefanak, RS, MPH / Larry Frisch / Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez  
International Observer 552
Law and the Public's Health 559
NCHS Dataline 564
Campus-Community-School Partnerships to Evaluate a Multicomponent Nutrition Intervention 566
Mary Podrabsky / Laura C. Streichert / David Levinger / Donna B. Johnson  

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