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Volume 130, Issue No. 1 January/February 2015
Current Issue
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ISSN 0033-3549

January/February 2015
Public Health Reports

A Message From the Editor
Frederic E. Shaw, MD, JD

Surgeon General's Perspectives: Family Health History: Using the Past to Improve Future Health
Boris D. Lushniak , MD, MPH, USPHS, RADM

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee: Reducing Patient and Provider Barriers to Maternal Immunizations
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Challenges to Implementing Communicable Disease Surveillance in New York City Evacuation Shelters After Hurricane Sandy, November 2012
Alison D. Ridpath, MD, MPH / Brooke Bregman, MPH / Lucretia Jones, DrPH / Vasudha Reddy, MPH / HaeNa Waechter, MPH / Sharon Balter, MD, MFA

On Academics: Characterizing the Growth of the Undergraduate Public Health Major: U.S., 1992–2012
Jonathon P. Leider, PhD / Brian C. Castrucci, MA / Christine M. Plepys, MS / Craig Blakely, PhD, MPH / Emily Burke, MPH / James B. Sprague, MD

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Volume 123 , Issue Number 5
September/October 2008

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Article Title Page Number
A Message From the Editor 547
Laurence Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 548
Steven K. Galson  
Letters to the Editor 551
Disaster Mythology and Fact: Hurricane Katrina and Social Attachment 555
Binu Jacob / Anthony R. Mawson / Marinelle Payton / John C. Guignard  
The Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort: Rationale and Methodology 567
William Pickett / Lesley Day / Louise Hagel / Robert J. Brison / Barbara Marlenga / Punam Pahwa / Niels Koehncke / Trever Crowe / Phyllis Snodgrass / James Dosman  
Place Matters: Variation in the Black/White Very Preterm Birth Rate Across U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 2002-2004 576
Michael R. Kramer / Carol R. Hogue /  
Prenatal Smoking Prevalence Ascertained from Two Population-Based Data Sources: Birth Certificates and PRAMS Questionnaires, 2004 586
Patricia Dietz, DrPH / Van T. Tong, MPH / Lucinda England, MD, MSPH Cheryl B. Prince /  
Degrading and Non-Degrading Sex in Popular Music: A Content Analysis 593
Brian A. Primack / Melanie A. Gold / Eleanor B. Schwarz / Madeline A. Dalton  
Condom Use Among High-Risk Adolescents: Anticipation of Partner Disapproval and Less Pleasure Associated with Not Using Condoms 601
Larry K. Brown / Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD / Richard Crosby / M. Isabel Fernandez / David Pugatch / Sylvia Cohn / Celia Lescano / Scott Royal / Jacqueline R. Murphy / Barbara Silver / William E. Schlenger  
Patient Risks, Outcomes and Costs of Voluntary HIV Testing at Five Testing Sites Within a Medical Center 608
Supriya D. Mehta / Jonathan Hall / Jeffrey L. Greenwald / Kevin Cranston, MDiv / Paul R. Skolnik  
Risk Factor Redistribution of the National HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data: An Alternative Approach 618
Kathleen McDavid Harrison / Tebitha Kajese / H. Irene Hall, PhD / Ruiguang Song  
Using Diagnostic Codes to Screen for Intimate Partner Violence in Oregon Emergency Departments and Hospitals 628
Sean D. Schafer / Linda L. Drach / Katrina Hedberg / Melvin A. Kohn  
Public Dental Expenditures and Dental Visits Among Children in the U.S., 1996-2004 636
Thomas P. Wall / Jackson Brown  
Assessment of a Media Campaign and Related Crisis Help Line Following Hurricane Katrina 646
Christopher E. Beaudoin, PhD  
Local Acts: A Multiagency Effort to Reduce Bicyclist Fatalities and Serious Injuries in New York City 652
Jenna Mandel-Ricci / Catherine Stayton / Leze Nicaj / Solomon Assefa / David Woloch / Kevin Jeffrey / Patrick McCarthy / Noah Budnick  
International Observer: The Main Challenges of Polish Oncology 655
Krystyna Syczewska-Weber / Piotr Rucinski  
Law and the Public's Health: When Worlds Collide: Public Health and Union Rights in Virginia Mason Hospital v Washington State Nurses Association 664
Sara Rosenbaum, JD  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: Filling the Gap: Providing Formal Training for Epidemiologists through a Graduate-Level Online Certificate in Field Epidemiology 669
Pia D.M. MacDonald, PhD, MPH / Amy Ward Mary V. Davis, DrPH /  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Academics: Teaching Emergency Preparedness to Public Health Workers: Use of Blended Learning in Web-Based Training 676
Thomas Chandler / Kristine Qureshi / Kristine M. Gebbie / Stephen S. Morse  

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