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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 123
Supplement 3

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Guest Editorial 1
Travis H. Sanchez / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD  
Advancing HIV Prevention Demonstration Projects: New Strategies for a Changing Epidemic 5
James D. Heffelfinger, MD, MPH / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD / Bernard M. Branson, MD / Timothy D. Mastro / David W. Purcell, JD, PhD / Sean D. Griffiths / Raul A. Romaguera, DMD, MPH / Robert S. Janssen  
The Changing Landscape of State Legislation and Expanded HIV Test 16
Jeremy Brown  
Patient Perceptions and Acceptance of Routine Emergency Department HIV Testing 21
Jeremy Brown / Irene Kuo / Jennifer Bellows / Ryan Barry / Peter Bui / Joshua Wohlgemuth / Emily Wills / Nirav Parikh  
Emergency Department Patient Acceptance of Opt-in, Universal, Rapid HIV Screening 27
Roland C. Merchant, MD / George R. Seage / Kenneth H. Mayer / Melissa A. Clark / Victor G. DeGruttola / Bruce M. Becker  
Prevalence and Correlates of Unknown HIV Infection Among Patients Seeking Care in a Public Hospital Emergency Department 41
Nicola M. Zetola / Beth Kaplan / Teri Dowling / Trevor Jensen / Brian Louie / Mahtab Shahkarami / Grant Colfax / Jeffrey D. Klausner  
Comparing the Costs of HIV Screening Strategies and Technologies in Health-Care Settings 51
Paul G. Farnham, PhD / Angela B. Hutchinson / Stephanie L. Sansom, PhD, MPP, MPH / Bernard M. Branson, MD  
Results from a Multiple Morbidities Testing Program Offering Rapid HIV Testing Bundled with Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing 63
Grace L. Reynolds / Dennis G. Fisher / Lucy E. Napper / Kimberly A. Marsh / Christine Willey / Ryan Brooks  
Feasibility of Using Computer-Assisted Interviewing to Enhance HIV Test Counseling in Community Settings 70
Alwyn T. Cohall / Sheila Dini / Yalini Senathirajah / Andrea Nye / Natalie Neu / Donald Powell / Borris Powell / Christel Hyden  
Implementing Rapid HIV Testing in Outreach and Community Settings: Results from an Advancing HIV Prevention Demonstration Project Conducted in Seven U.S. Cities 78
Kristina E. Bowles / Hollie A. Clark / Eric Tai / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD / Binwei Song, PhD / Jenny Tsang / Craig A. Dietz / Julita Mar / Azul Mares-DelGrasso / Cindy Calhoun / Daisy Aguirre / Cicily Emerson  
Implementation of Rapid HIV Testing Programs in Community and Outreach Settings: Perspectives from Staff at Eight Community-Based Organizations in Seven U.S. Cities 86
Hollie A. Clark / Kristina E. Bowles / Binwei Song, PhD  
Cost-Effectiveness of Finding New HIV Diagnosis Using Rapid HIV Testing in Community-Based Organizations 94
Ram K. Shrestha / Hollie A. Clark / Stephanie L. Sansom, PhD, MPP, MPH / Binwei Song, PhD / Holly Buckendahl / Cindy B. Calhoun / Angela B. Hutchinson / James D. Heffelfinger, MD, MPH  
Rapid HIV Testing in Transgender Communities by Community-Based Organizations in Three Cities 101
Jeffrey D. Schulden / Binwei Song, PhD / Azul Mares-DelGrasso / Charles W. Martin / Ramon Ramirez / Linney C. Smith / Darrell P. Wheeler / Alexandra M. Oster / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD / James D. Heffelfinger, MD, MPH  
HIV Risk Behaviors and Testing History in Historically Black College and University Settings 115
Peter E. Thomas, PHD, MPH / Andrew C. Voetsch, PhD / Binwei Song, PhD / Denyce Calloway / Carolyn Goode / Lynette Mundey / Joanne Nobles / Kaye Sly / Michelle R. Smith / Brenda Williams / Mattie Shiloh / Sybil Ward / Patrick S. Sullivan, DVM, PhD  
Incorporating Rapid HIV Testing into Parner Counseling and Referral Services 126
Elin B. Begley / Alexandra M. Oster / Binwei Song, PhD / Linda Lesondak / Kelly Voorhees / Magdalena Esquivel / Ronald L. Merrick / Jack Carrel / Douglas Sebesta / James Vergeront / Dhana Shrestha  

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