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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 124 , Issue Number 1
January/February 2009

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NEPHC Abstracts
Abstracts from 2009 National Environmental Public Health Conference, Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

Article Title Page Number
Message from the Editor 1
Laurence Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 2
Steven K. Galson  
Energy and Public Health: The Challenge of Peak Petroleum [Feature Article] 5
Howard Frumkin / Jeremy Hess / Stephen Vindigni  
Energy and the Public's Health: Making the Connection 20
Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH / Nicholas S. Kelley  
An Historical Antecedent of Modern Guidelines for Community Pandemic Influenza Mitigation 22
David M. Morens / Jeffery K. Taubenberger / Gregory K. Folkers / Anthony S. Fauci  
The Role of Formative Research in the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System 26
Denise Roth Allen / Teresa Finlayson / Amy Lansky /  
State and Metropolitan Variation in Lack of Health Insurance Among Working-Age Adults, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2006 34
Indu B. Ahluwalia, MPH, PhD / Julie Bolen / William S. Pearson / Michael Link / William Garvin / Ali Mokdad  
Identifying Infants at Increased Risk for Late Initiation of Immunizations: Maternal and Provider Characteristics 42
Kristen A. Feemster / C. Victor Spain / Michael Eberhart / Susmita Pati / Barbara M. Watson, MBChB, FRCP  
Alaska Native Mortality Rates and Trends 54
Gretchen Ehrsam Day / Ellen Provost / Anne P. Lanier  
Hospital Readmissions for Childhood Asthma: The Role of Individual and Neighborhood Factors 65
Sze Yan Liu / Deborah N. Pearlman  
Assessing Cancer Stage and Screening Disparities Among Native American Cancer Patients 79
B. Ashleigh Guadagnolo / Kristin Cina / Petra Helbig / Kevin Molloy / Mary Reiner / E. Francis Cook / Daniel G. Petereit  
PTSD Prevalence, Associated Exposures, and Functional Health Outcomes in a Large, Population-Based Military Cohort 90
Tyler C. Smith, MS, PhD / Deborah L. Wingard / Margaret A.K. Ryan / Donna Kritz-Silverstein / Donald J. Slymen / James F. Sallis  
Developing Summary Scores of Health-Related Quality of Life for a Population-Based Survey 103
Willi Horner-Johnson / Gloria Krahn / Elena Andresen / Trevor Hall  
Partner Notification After STD and HIV Exposures and Infections: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experiences of Massachusetts Men Who Have Sex with Men 111
Matthew J. Mimiaga, ScD, MPH / Sari L. Reisner, MA / Ashley M. Tetu / Katherine E. Bonafide / Kevin Cranston, MDiv / Thomas Bertrand / David S. Novak / Kenneth H. Mayer  
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prevalence and Mortality in a Male State Prison Population 120
Jacques Baillargeon / Ned Snyder / Roger D. Soloway / David Paar / Gwen Baillargeon / Anne C. Spaulding, MD, MPH / Brad H. Pollock / Christine M. Arcari / Brie A. Williams / Ben G. Raimer  
Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations in Tennessee: Analysis of Prevalence Disparities Associated with Gender, Race, and Insurance 127
Cyril F. Chang / Rebecca A. Pope  
Assessing Public Health Capabilities During Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercises: Reliability and Validity of a Measurement Tool 138
Elena Savoia, MD, MPH / Marcia A. Testa / Paul D. Biddinger / Rebecca O. Cadigan, MSc / Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH / Paul Campbell / Michael A. Stoto, PhD  
Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid Illnesses in the Pacific Northwest: A Five-Year Review 149
Jaime K. Walters / Laura E. Boswell / Mandy K. Green / Michael A. Heumann / Lauren E. Karam / Barbara F. Morrissey / Justin E. Waltz  
Law and the Public's Health: Colacicco v Apotex Inc. and the Federal Preemption of State Tort Remedies for Health Injuries: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice 160
Taylor Burke, JD, LLM  
NCHS Dataline 164
Book Review: Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change 167
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: The WHO Modules in Occupational Safety and Health: Training for Prevention 169
Linda Forst / Leslie Nickels / Lorraine Conroy  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Academics: A Review of the Status of the Doctor of Public Health Degree and Identification of Future Issues 177
Joel M. Lee / Sylvia E. Furner / James Yager / Dan Hoffman  

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