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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 124
Supplement 1: Occupational Interventions

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Article Title Page Number
Guest Editorial 1
Lisa M. Brosseau / David L. Parker  
Integrating Occupational Health with Mainstream Public Health in Massachusetts: An Approach to Intervention 5
Letitia Davis / Kerry Souza  
A Conceptual Framework for Integrating Workplace Health Promotion and Occupational Ergonomics Programs 16
Laura Punnett / Martin Cherniack / Robert Henning / Tim Morse / Pouran Faghri  
Workplace Health Protection and Promotion through Participatory Ergonomics: An Integrated Approach 26
Robert Henning / Nicholas Warren / Michelle Robertson / Pouran Faghri / Martin Cherniack  
Ethnographic Evaluation of a Lay Health Promoter Program to Reduce Occupational Injuries Among Latino Poultry Processing Workers 36
Antonio Marin / Lourdes Carrillo / Joseph G. Grzywacz / Michael L. Coates Sara A. Quandt /  
Reducing Hazardous Cleaning Product Use: A Collaborative Effort 45
Elise Pechter / Lenore S. Azaroff / Isabel Lopez / Marcy Goldstein-Gelb  
Application of the Industrial Hygiene Hierarchy of Controls to Prioritize and Promote Safer Methods of Pest Control: A Case Study 53
Justine Lew Weinberg / Lisa J. Bunin / Rupali Das  
Using Logic Models in a Community-Based Agricultural Injury Prevention Project 63
Deborah Helitzer / Cathleen Willging / Gary Hathorn / Jeannie Benally  
Supervising Structured Learning Experiences for Students in New Jersey: Training Teachers in School-Based Occupational Health and Safety Practice 74
Derek G. Shendell / Laura E. Hemminger / Jennifer K. Campbell / Barry Schlegel  
Formative Research in Occupational Health and Safety Intervention for Diverse, Underserved Worker Populations: A Homecare Worker Intervention Project 84
Fang Gong / Sherry Baron / Laura Stock / Linda Ayala  
A Randomized, Controlled Intervention of Machine Guarding and Related Safety Programs in Small Metal-Fabrication Businesses 90
David L. Parker / Lisa M. Brosseau / Yogindra Samant / Min Xi / Wei Pan / David Haugan  
Engineering Control Technologies to Reduce Occupational Silica Exposures in Masonry Cutting and Tuckpointing 101
John D. Meeker / Michael R. Cooper / Daniel Lefkowitz / Pam Susi  
Efficacy of a Program to Prevent Beryllium Sensitization Among New Employees at a Copper-Beryllium Alloy Processing Facility 112
Carrie A. Thomas / Rachel L. Bailey / Michael S. Kent / David C. Deubner / Kathleen Kreiss / Christine R. Schuler  
Intervention to Increase Adoption of Safer Dairy Farming Production Practices 125
Larry J. Chapman / Ben-Tzion Karsh / Alvaro D. Taveira / K. Gunnar Josefsson / Christopher M. Brunette / Kathryn M. Pereira  
Evaluation of the Immediate Impact of the Washington, D.C., Smoke-Free Indoor Air Policy on Bar Employee Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure 135
Jennifer Pearson / Richard Windsor / Ayman El-Mohandes / David C. Perry  
Farmworkers at the Border: A Bilingual Initiative for Occupational Health and Safety 143
Martha Soledad Vela Acosta / Lee Sechrest / Mei-Kuang Chen  
Restaurant Supervisor Safety Training: Evaluating a Small Business Training Intervention 152
Diane Bush / Lyn Paleo / Robin Baker / Robin Dewey / Nurgul Toktogonova / Deogracia Cornelio  
An Intervention Effectiveness Study of Hazard Awareness Training in the Construction Building Trades 161
Rosemary K. Sokas / Emile Jorgensen / Leslie Nickels / Weihua Gao / Janie L. Gittleman  
Hands-Free Technique in the Operating Room: Reduction in Body Fluid Exposure and the Value of a Training Video 169
Bernadette Stringer / Ted Haines / Charles H. Goldsmith / Jennifer Blythe / Ramon Berguer / Joel Andersen / Christopher J. De Gara  
Effectiveness of Occupational Injury Prevention Policies in Spain 180
Fernando G. Benavides / Ana M. Garcia / Maria Lopez-Ruiz / Josep Gil / Pere Boix / Jose Miguel Martinez / Fernando Rodrigo  

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