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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 124
Supplement 2: Surveillance of STDs

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Article Title Page Number
The OASIS Project: Novel Approaches to Using STD Surveillance Data 1
Nicholas H. Gaffga / Michael C. Samuel / Mark R. Stenger / Jeffrey A. Stover / Lori M. Newman  
Toward Integration of STD, HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis Surveillance 5
Hillard Weinstock / John M. Douglas, Jr., MD / Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP  
Practical Considerations for Matching STD and HIV Surveillance Data with Data from Other Sources [Feature Article] 7
Lori M. Newman / Michael C. Samuel / Mark R. Stenger / Todd M. Gerber / Kathryn Macomber / Jeffrey A. Stover / Wendy Wise  
Trends in Neisseria gonorrhoeae Incidence Among HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Men in Washington State, 1996-2007 18
Mark R. Stenger / Maria T. Courogen / Jason B. Carr  
Assessment of the Association of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes with the Use of Population-Based Chlamydia Case Report Registries and Birth Records 24
Joan M. Chow / Mi-Suk Kang / Michael C. Samuel / Gail Bolan  
Integration of Surveillance for STDs, HIV, Hepatitis and TB: A Survey of U.S. STD Control Programs 31
Deborah Dowell / Nicholas H. Gaffga / Hillard Weinstock / Thomas A. Peterman  
Identifying Challenges to the Integration of Computer-Based Surveillance Information Systems in a Large City Health Department: A Case Study 39
Jacky M. Jennings / Jeffrey A. Stover / Megan H. Bair-Merritt / Caroline M. Fichtenberg, MS, PhD / Mary Grace Munoz / Rafiq Maziad / Sherry Johnson Ketemepi / Jonathan Zenilman  
Charting a Path to Location Intelligence for STD Control 49
Todd M. Gerber / Ping Du / Janelle Armstrong-Brown / Louise-Anne McNutt / F. Bruce Coles, DO  
Assessment of Geographic Information Systems and Data Confidentiality Guidelines in STD Programs 58
Jennifer M. Bissette / Public Health Reports / Jeffrey A. Stover / Philip Christopher Delcher / Carrie B. Dolan / LaShonda Johnson /  
Improving Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Diseases through Geocoded Morbidity Assignment 65
Jeffrey A. Stover / Khalid A. Kheirallah / Philip Christopher Delcher / Carrie B. Dolan / LaShonda Johnson  
Here Comes the SSuN: Early Experiences with the STD Surveillance Network 72
Cornelis A. Rietmeijer / Jennifer Donnelly / Kyle T. Bernstein, PhD, ScM / Jennifer M. Bissette / Summer Martins / Preeti Pathela / Julia A. Schillinger / Mark R. Stenger / Hillard Weinstock / Lori M. Newman  
Providing Mailing Cost Reimbursements: The Effect on Reporting Timelines of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Virginia 78
Oana E. Vasiliu / Jeffrey A. Stover / Marissa J. E. Mays / Jennifer M. Bissette / Carrie B. Dolan / Corina M. Sirbu  
California Gonorrhea Surveillance System: Methodologic Aspects and Key Results of a Sample-Based System 87
Michael C. Samuel / Julio C. Soto, MD, PhD / Denise Gilson / K. Jayne Bradbury / Gail Bolan  
Use of a Business Approach to Improve Disease Surveillance Data Management Systems and Information Technology Process in Florida's Bureau of STD Prevention and Control 98
Stacy Shiver, BA / Karla Schmitt, PhD, MPH, ARNP / Adrian Cooksey  

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