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Volume 131, Issue No. 1 January/February 2016
Current Issue
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ISSN 0033-3549

January/February 2016
Public Health Reports

A Message from the Editor
Frederic E. Shaw, MD, JD

Letter to the Editor
Shannon M. Farley, DrPH / Kevin R. Schroth, JD / Christine Johnson Curtis, MBA / Sonia Angell, MD, MPH

Executive Perspective: HRSA’s Transformation of Public Health Training
Mary Beth Bigley, DrPH, MSN, APRN, FAAN

The Shift to High-Impact HIV Prevention by Health Departments in the United States
David W. Purcell, JD, PhD / Eugene McCray, MD / Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH

A Call for Greater Consideration for the Role of Vaccines in National Strategies to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Overcoming Barriers to Low HPV Vaccine Uptake in the United States: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Hepatitis A Infections Among Food Handlers in the United States, 1993–2011
Umid M. Sharapov, MD, MSc / Karine Kentenyants, MD, MPH / Justina Groeger, MD, MPH / Henry Roberts, PhD / Scott D. Holmberg, MD, MPH / Melissa G. Collier, MD, MPH

Using a Handheld Device for Patient Data Collection: A Pilot for Medical Countermeasures Surveillance
Matthew F. Daley, MD / Kristin Goddard, MPH / Melissa McClung, MSPH / Arthur Davidson, MD, MSPH / Gretchen Weiss, MPH / Ted Palen, MD, PhD, MSPH / Carsie Nyirenda, MPH / Richard Platt, MD, MSc / Brooke Courtney, JD, MPH / Marsha E. Reichman, PhD

A Tool for Providing Data on Small Areas: Development of Neighborhood Profiles for Santa Clara County, California, 2014
Whitney L. Webber, MS / Pamela Stoddard, PhD / Brianna van Erp, MPH, MPP / Mandeep Baath, MPH / Greg Bazhaw, MRCP / Kate Kelsey, MPH / Douglas Schenk, MA / Roshini Shah, MPH / Bill Shoe, MCRP / Anandi Sujeer, MPH

Integrating Public Health and Deliberative Public Bioethics: Lessons from the Human Genome Project Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Program
Karen Meagher, PhD / Lisa M. Lee, PhD, MA, MS

Shifting Resources and Focus to Meet the Goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: The Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning Project, 2010–2013
Stephen A. Flores, PhD / David W. Purcell, JD, PhD / Holly H. Fisher, PhD / Lisa Belcher, PhD / James W. Carey, PhD, MPH, MA / Cari Courtenay-Quirk, PhD / Erica Dunbar, MPH / Agatha N. Eke, PhD, MEd / Carla Galindo, MPH, CHES / Marlene Glassman, PhD, MSW / Andrew D. Margolis, MPH / Mary Spink Newman, PhD / Cynthia Prather, PhD / Dale Stratford, PhD / Raekiela D. Taylor, MPH / Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH / ECHPP Project Team

A Critical Assessment of Officially Reported Chagas Disease Surveillance Data in Mexico
Ellen M. Shelley, MS / Rodolfo Acuna-Soto, MD, PhD / Kacey C. Ernst, PhD / Charles R. Sterling, PhD / Heidi E. Brown, PhD, MPH

Evaluation Framework for HIV Prevention and Care Activities in the Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning Project, 2010–2013
Holly H. Fisher, PhD / Tamika Hoyte, MPH / Stephen A. Flores, PhD / David W. Purcell, JD, PhD / Erica Dunbar, MPH / Dale Stratford, PhD

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Inhaled Toxicants from Waterpipe and Cigarette Smoking
Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD / Mary V. Carroll, RN, BSN / Patricia M. Weiss, MLIS / Alan L. Shinhadeh, ScD / Ariel Shensa, MA / Steven T. Farley, BS / Michael J. Fine, MD, MSc / Thomas Eissenberg, PhD / Smita Nayak, MD

Associations Between Social Determinants of Health and Pregnancy Among Young People: A Systematic Review of Research Published During the Past 25 Years
Sarah B. Maness, PhD, MPH / Eric R. Buhi, PhD, MPH

Exposure to Suicide in the Community: Prevalence and Correlates in One U.S. State
Julie Cerel, PhD / Myfanwy Maple, PhD / Judy van de Venne, PhD / Melinda Moore, PhD / Chris Flaherty, PhD / Margaret Brown, MPH

Needs Assessment for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in South Carolina, 2012
Alyssa M. Schlenz, PhD / Andrea D. Boan, Phd, MSCR / Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH / Robert J. Adams, MS, MS / Julie Kanter, MD

Evaluating Shared Laboratory Services: Detecting Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex and Drug Resistance Using Molecular and Culture-Based Methods
Julie Tans-Kersten, MS, BS-MT(ASCP) / Shou-Yean Grace Lin, MS / Edward Desmond, PhD / David Warshauer, PhD

Evaluating Early Case Capture of Pediatric Cancers in Seven Central Cancer Registries in the United States, 2013
Mary Puckett, PhD / Antonio Neri, MD, MPH / Elizabeth Rohan, PhD, MSW / Castine Clerkin, MS, CTR / J. Michael Underwood, PhD / A. Blythe Ryerson, PhD, MPH / Sherri L. Stewart, PhD

HIV Testing in Publicly Funded Settings, National Health Interview Survey, 2003–2010
Cheryl Tan, MPH / Michelle Van Handel, MPH / Christopher Johnson, MS / Patricia Dietz, DrPH

The Public Health Nurse Workforce in U.S. State and Local Health Departments
Angela J. Beck, PhD, MPH / Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH

Agreement Between Self-Reported and Confirmed Cancer Diagnoses in New York City Firefighters and EMS Workers, 2001–2011
Rachel Zeig-Owens, DrPH / Andrea Kablanian, MPH / Mayris P. Webber, DrPH / Yang Liu, MS / Edward Mayerson, MA / Theresa Schwartz, MS / Nadia Jaber, RPA-C / Kerry J. Kelly, MD / David J. Prezant, MD

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Funding for Newborn Screening Services
Julia F. Costich, PhD, JD / Andrea L. Durst, DrPH, MS

Prevalence of Diabetes and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Rural-to-Urban Nong Zhuan Fei Migrants in an Urban Area of Northern China, 2013
Shauang Yan, MD / Xincai Hong, MBBS / Haiqiao Yu, MBBS / Zhen Yang, MBBS / Siying Liu, MBBS / Wei Quan, MBBS / Jiankai Xu, PhD / Liying Zhu, MD / Weilun Cheng, MB / Hong Xiao, MD / Heather Kitzman-Ulrich, PhD / Mark J. DeHaven, PhD

Population-Based Estimates of Decreases in Quality-Adjusted Life Expectancy Associated with Unhealthy Body Mass Index
Haomaio Jia, PhD / Mathew M. Zack, MD MPH / William W. Thompson, PhD

Health Department HIV Prevention Programs That Support the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: The Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning Project, 2010–2013
Holly H. Fisher, PhD / Tamika Hoyte, MPH / David W. Purcell, JD, PhD / Michelle Van Handel, MPH / Weston Williams, MHS / Amy Krueger, MPH / Patricia Dietz, DrPH / Dale Stratford, PhD / Janet Heitgerd, PhD / Erica Dunbar, MPH / Choi Wan, PhD / Laurie A. Linley, MPH / Stephen A. Flores, PhD

Law and the Public’s Health: Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Community Health Under the Affordable Care Act: Identifying and Addressing Unmet Legal Needs as Social Determinants of Health
Mary Crossley, JD / Elizabeth Tobin Tyler, JD, MA / Jennifer L. Herbst, JD, MBE, LLM

NCHS Dataline
Sandra S. Smith, MPH

From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: Flipping the Classroom and the Pedagogy: Using Active Learning Principles to Bring Leadership Training in Affirmative Sexuality to Public Health Education
S. Bryn Austin, ScD

From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: Mental Health Training in Schools of Public Health: History, Current Status, and Future Opportunities
Elizabeth Reisinger Walker, PhD, MPH, MAT / Jennie Kwon, BS / Delia L. Lang, PhD, MPH, MA / Richard M. Levinson, PhD, MA / Benjamin G. Druss, MD, MPH

Public Health Reports

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Volume 125 , Issue Number 2
March/April 2010

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 157
Laurence D. Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives: Oral Health: The Silent Epidemic 158
Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA  
How Healthy Could a State Be? [Feature Article] 160
David Kindig / Paul Peppard / Bridget Booske  
The Politics of Achievable Mortality 168
Daniel M. Fox  
Transitions Clinic: Creating a Community-Based Model of Health Care for Recently Released California Prisoners 171
Emily A. Wang / Clemens S. Hong / Liz Samuels / Shira Shavit / Ronald Sanders / Margot Kushel  
Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on URIs and Influenza in Crowded, Urban Households 178
Elaine L. Larson / Yu-hui Ferng / Jennifer Wong-McLoughlin / Shuang Wang / Michael Haber / Stephen S. Morse  
Influenza Vaccination Rates of Children in Households with High-Risk Adults 192
Ru-Chien Chi / Gayle E. Reiber / Benjamin A. Lipsky / Edward J. Boyko / Kathleen M. Neuzil  
Newborn Hearing Screening and Follow-up: Are Children Receiving Recommended Services 199
Marcus Gaffney / Denise R. Green / Claudia Gaffney  
Condoms for Dual Protection: Patterns of Use with Highly Effective Contraceptive Methods 208
Karen Pazol / Michael R. Kramer / Carol J. Hogue  
Trends in Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight Among Children Enrolled in the New York State WIC Program, 2002-2007 218
Jackson P. Sekhobo / Lynn S. Edmunds / Daniel K. Reynolds / Karen Dalenius / Andrea Sharma  
The Association of Workplace Hazards and Smoking in a U.S. Multiethnic Working-Class Population 225
Cassandra A. Okechukwu / Nancy Kreiger / Jarvis Chen / Glorian Sorensen / Yi Li / Elizabeth M. Barbeau  
Comparing Lead Poisoning Risk Assessment Methods: Census Block Group Characteristics vs. Zip Codes as Predictors 234
Stan A. Kaplowitz / Harry Perlstadt / Lori A. Post  
Epidemiology of West Nile Virus in the Highly Epidemic State of North Dakota, 2002-2007 246
Stephanie M. Borchardt / Michelle A. Feist / Tracy Miller / Tze Shien Lo  
Characteristics of Asian and Pacific Islanders Admitted to U.S. Drug Treatment Programs in 2005 250
Wynnie Wong / Paul G. Barnett  
Assessing the Impact of the Health Center Growth Initiative on Health Center Patients 258
Leiyu Shi / Lydie A. Lebrun / Jenna Tsai  
Horizons Program: Guest Editorial: The Changing Face of U.S. Funding for HIV Programs In Resource-Limited Settings 267
Scott Kellerman  
Horizons: Looking Back, Moving Forward 269
Naomi Rutenberg / Deborah Weiss  
Reducing HIV-Related Stigma: Lessons Learned from Horizons Research and Programs 272
Julie Pulerwitz / Annie Michaelis / Ellen Weiss / Lisanne Brown / Vaishali Mahendra  
Addressing Gender Dynamics and Engaging Men in HIV Programs: Lessons Learned from Horizons Research 282
Julie Pulerwitz / Annie Michaelis / Ravi Verma / Ellen Weiss  
Implementing Programs for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Resource-Constrained Settings: Horizon Studies, 1999-2007 293
Carolyn Baek / Naomi Rutenberg  
Access to Antiretroviral Therapy for Adults and Children with HIV Infection in Developing Countries: Horizons Studies, 2002-2008 305
Avina Sarna / Scott Kellerman  
HIV Vulnerability of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Developing Countries: Horizons Studies, 2001-2008 316
Scott Geibel / Waimar Tun / Placide Tapsoba / Scott Kellerman  
Improving the Lives of Vulnerable Children: Implications of Horizons Research Among Orphans and Other Children Affected by AIDS 325
Katie D. Schenk / Annie Michaelis / Tobey Nelson Sapiano / Lisanne Brown / Ellen Weiss  
Public Health Chronicles: Debating the Health Effects of DDT: Thomas Jukes, Charles Wurster, and the Fate of an Environmental Pollutant 337
Elena Conis  
Law and the Public's Health: The Health Privacy Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice 343
Melissa M. Goldstein, JD  
NCHS Dataline 350
Sandra S. Smith  
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: Promoting Implementation of a School District Sexual Health Education Policy Through an Academic-Community Partnership 352
Michael C. Fagen, PhD, MPH / Jonathan S. Stacks / Emily Hutter / Laura Syster  
From the Schools of Public Health: Student Column: Cost Analysis of Influenza Vaccine Administration in Fayette County, Kentucky, 2005-2007 358
Karen E. Kryscio  

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