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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 125 , Issue Number 3
May/June 2010

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 367
Laurence D. Reed  
Surgeon General's Perspectives 368
Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA  
Letters to the Editor [Feature Article] 371
Is the Elimination of HIV Infection Within Reach in the United States? Lessons from an Epidemiologic Transmission Model 372
David R. Holtgrave  
Socioeconomic Status and Risk of Diabetes-Related Mortality in the U.S. 377
Sharon Saydah / Kimberly Lochner  
Trends in Tuberculosis Mortality in the United States, 1990-2006: A Population-Based Case-Control Study 389
Richard S. Jung / Jonathan R. Bennion / Frank Sorvillo / Amy Bellomy  
Factors Associated with use of Urban Emergency Departments by the U.S. Homeless Population 398
Bon S. Ku / Kevin C. Scott / Stefan G. Kertesz / Stephen R. Pitts  
Heightened Risk of Fire Deaths Among Older African Americans and Native Americans 406
David Bishai / Sunmin Lee  
Prognostic Factors Associated with Hepatitis C Disease: A Case-Control Study Utilizing U.S. Multiple-Cause-of-Death Data 414
Matthew Wise / Lyn Finelli / Frank Sorvillo  
Carbon Monoxide-Related Hospitalizations in the U.S.: Evaluation of a Web-Based Query System for Public Health Surveillance 423
Shahed Iqbal, PhD / Jacquelyn H. Clower / Tegan K. Boehmer / Fuyuen Y. Yip, PhD / Paul Garbe  
Television and Video Game Viewing and Its Association with Substance Use by Kentucky Elementary School Students, 2006 433
Kia E. Armstrong / Heather M. Bush / Jeff Jones  
Hyperendemic H. pylori and Tapeworm Infections in a U.S.-Mexico Border Population 441
Victor M. Cardenas / Kristina D. Mena / Melchor Ortiz / Sitrulasi Karri / Easwaran Variyam / Casey Barton Behravesh / Karen F. Snowden / Ana Flisser / John R. Bristol / Lillian F. Mayberry / Ynes R. Ortega / Yoshihiro Fukuda / Armando Campos / David Y. Graham  
Achievement of Healthy People 2010 Objective for Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination in an American Indian Community 448
Marc S. Traeger / Kenneth R. Say / Verna Hastings / David A. Yost  
Characteristics of Pesticide-Related Hospitalizations, Louisiana, 1998-2007 457
Roshan Badakhsh / Michelle Lackovic / Raoult Ratard  
Using Gaming Simulation to Evaluate Bioterrorism and Emergency Readiness Education 468
Debra K. Olson, DNP, MPH, FAAOH / Amy Scheller / Susan Larson, MPH, RN / Linda Lindeke / Sandra Edwardson  
Health Impact Assessment of Environmental Tobacco Smoke in European Children: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Asthma Episodes 478
Elena Boldo / Sylvia Medina / Mattias Oberg / Vladimira Puklova / Odile Mekel / Kristina Patja / Dafina Dalbokova / Michal Krzyzanowski / Manuel Posada  
Strengthening Community Partnerships with Local Public Health Through Regional Pandemic Influenza Exercises 488
Sarah Paige / Maggie Jones / Luann D'Ambrosio / Whitney Taylor / Diane Bonne / Michael Loehr / Andy Stergachis  
Law and the Public's Health: Wyeth v Levine: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice 494
Stephanie D. David, JD, MPH / Sara Rosenbaum, JD  
NCHS Dataline 498
From the Schools of Public Health: On Linkages: Establishing a Sustainable Partnership Through Short-Term Global Field Experiences: The University of Florida and Canton El Limon Collaboration 500
Alba Amaya-Burns / Susan Fesperman / Amy Non / Mirna Amaya / Katy Evans  
From the Schools of Public Health: Student Column: Practice-Based Learning in Global Youth Tobacco Prevention Research at the University of Texas Master of Public Health Program 505
Poonam Dhavan / Melissa H. Stigler / Monika Arora / Shalini Bassi / Cheryl L. Perry / K. Srinath Reddy  

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