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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 125
Supplement 1: HIV-Prevention Services for Minorities

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Article Title Page Number
Guest Editorial 1
Donna L. Richter / Rhondette L. Jones  
YOUR Blessed Health: An HIV-Prevention Program Bridging Faith and Public Health Communities 4
Derek M. Griffith / Bettina Campbell / Julie Ober Allen / Kevin J. Robinson / Sarah Kretman Stewart  
Informing Faith-Based HIV/AIDS Interventions: HIV-Related Knowledge and Stigmatizing Attitudes at Project F.A.I.T.H Churches in South Carolina 12
Lisa L. Lindley / Jason D. Coleman / Bambi W. Gaddist / Jacob White  
Men Seeking Sex on an Intergenerational Gay Internet Website: An Exploratory Study 21
Richard L. Sowell / Kenneth D. Phillips  
A Pilot Intervention Utilizing Internet Chat Rooms to Prevent HIV Risk Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex with Men 29
Scott D. Rhodes / Kenneth C. Hergenrather / Jesse Duncan / Aaron T. Vissman / Cindy Miller / Aimee M. Wilkin / Jason Stowers / Eugenia Eng  
Pre-Risk HIV-Prevention Paradigm Shift: The Feasibility and Acceptability of the Parents Matter! Program in HIV Risk Communities 38
Kim S. Miller / Karl D. Maxwell / Amy M. Fasula / J. Terry Parker / Shannon Zackery / Sarah C. Wyckoff  
Collaboration for the Integration of HIV Prevention at Title X Family Planning Service Delivery Sites 47
Nhan T. Tran / Jule M. Hallerdin / Charon Flowers-Maple / Susan B. Moskosky  
Implementing Packaged HIV-Prevention Interventions for HIV-Positive Individuals: Considerations for Clinic-Based and Community-Based Interventions 55
Charles B. Collins, Jr. / Kimberly D. Hearn / David N. Whittier / Anne Freeman / JoAna D. Stallworth / Miriam Phields  
Enrollment in Outpatient Care Among Newly Released Prison Inmates with HIV Infection 64
Jacques G. Baillargeon / Thomas P. Giordano / Amy Jo Harzke / Gwen Baillargeon / Josiah D. Rich / David P. Paar  
Male Circumcision in the United States for the Prevention of HIV Infection and Other Adverse Health Outcomes: Report from a CDC Consultation 72
Dawn K. Smith / Allan Taylor / Peter H. Kilmarx / Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD / Lee Warner / Mary Kamb / Naomi Bock / Bob Kohmescher / Timothy D. Mastro  
Costs of HIV Prevention Among Out-of-Treatment Drug-Using Women: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial 83
Jennifer Prah Ruger / Arbi Ben Abdallah / Linda Cottler  

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