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Volume 130, Issue No. 6 November/December 2015
Current Issue
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ISSN 0033-3549

November/December 2015
Public Health Reports

A Message from the Editor
Frederic E. Shaw, MD, JD

Surgeon General's Perspectives: A Season of Hope, a Season of Action: Addressing Mental Health through Faith Communities
Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA

Assessing the State of Vaccine Confidence in the United States: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee
National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Underreporting of Melanoma in Arizona and Strategies for Increasing Reporting: A Public Health Partnership Approach
Robin B. Harris, PhD / Stephanie M. Koch, MPH / Chris Newton, MPA / Nancy G. Silvis, MD / Clara Curiel-Lewandroski, MD / Joseph Giancola, MD / Paul Sagerman, MD / Steven Alder, MD / Georgia Yee, CTR / Timothy J. Flood, MD

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Volume 126 , Issue Number 1
January/February 2011

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Article Title Page Number
A Message from the Editor 1
Janice Huy, MS  
Surgeon General’s Perspectives 2
Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA  
Strengthening the U.S. Vaccine and Immunization Enterprise: The Role of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee [Feature Article] 4
Angela K. Shen, ScD, MPH / Jovonni R. Spinner, MPH / Daniel Salmon, PhD / bruce g. gellin, MD,MPH  
Assessing Argentina’s Response to H1N1 in Austral Winter 2009: From Presidential Lethargy to Local Ingenuity 9
Alexandra Minna Stern, PhD / Maria T. Koreck, MA,BSN,RN / Howard Markel, MD, PhD  
Enhancing Surveillance for Hepatitis C Through Public Health Informatics 13
Dawn Heisey-Grove / Daniel R. Church, MPH / Gillian Haney, MPH / Alfred DeMaria, Jr., MD  
Evaluation of a Communications Campaign to Increase Physician Reporting to a Surveillance System 19
Kitty H. Gelberg / Ian Brissette / Karen Cummings, MPH  
Evaluation of HIV Incidence Surveillance in New York City, 2006 28
Hemanth p. Nair, PHD,MPH / Lucia V. Torian, PhD / Lisa Forgione, MA / Elizabeth M. Begier  
Prevalence of Health-Risk Behaviors Among Asian American and Pacific Islander High School Students in the U.S., 2001–2007 39
Richard Lowry, MD, MS / Danice Eaton, PhD / Nancy D. Brener, PhD / Laura Kann, Phd  
Incident Smoking During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period in a Low-Income Urban Population 50
David A. Webb, PhD / Jennifer F. Culhane, PhD,MPH / Leny Mathew, MS / Joan R. Bloch, PhD,CRNI / Robert I. Goldenberg, MD  
Statewide Estimation of Racial/Ethnic Populations of Men Who Have Sex with Men in the U.S. 60
Spencer Lieb, MPH / Stephen J. Fallon, PhD / Samuel R. Friedman, PhD / Daniel R. Thompson / Gary J. Gates, PhD / Thomas Liberti / Robert Malow  
Heart Disease Mortality Among Alaska Native People, 1981–2007 73
Janet M. Johnston, PhD,MPH / Gretchen E. Day, MPH / Mark A. Veazie, DrPH / Ellen Provost  
Assessment of Epidemiology Capacity in State Health Departments, 2004–2009 84
Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH / James L. Hadler / Angela J. Beck, PhD, MPH / Lisa Ferland, MPH / Maureen Lightveld, MD,MPH  
Comparison of Incidence of Hospital Utilization for Poisoning and Other Injury Types 94
Henry A. Spiller / Michael D. Singleton, MS  
Use of Hospital Discharge Data to Evaluate Notifiable Disease Reporting to Colorado’s Electronic Disease Reporting System 100
Tegan K. Boehmer / Jennifer L. Patnaik / Steven J. Burnite, BA / Tista S. Ghosh / Ken Gershman, MD,MPH / Richard L. Vogt, MD  
Brenda O. Hoppe, MS / Anna K. Harding, PhD / Jennifer Staab, PhD Marina Counter, MS /  
Global Health Matters: A Survey of Nutrition Labels and Fa ts, Sugars, and Sodium Ingredients in Commercial Packaged Foods in Hangzhou, China 116
Jun Lv, PhD / Yong Chen, MMSc / Shengfeng Wang, BDM / Qingmin Liu, MPH / Yanjun Ren, MMSc / Sara Karrar, MBBS,MPH Liming Li, MD,MPH /  
Public Health Chronicles: THE NATIONAL BOARD OF HEALTH: 1879–1883 123
Jerrold M. Michael, ScD,DrPH  
Sara Rosenbaum, JD  
NCHS Dataline 136
Sandra S. Smith, MPH  
On Linkages: A Multi-Institutional Collaboration to develop asthma education for school settings in South Texas 139
Genny C. Zuniga, MD,MPH,MSPH,ScD / Thedora Hernandez / Sarah Kirk, MPH / Nancy Nadeau, RN,MSN / Betty Chong-Menard, RRT,RN,Med / Rose L. Lucio, BBA / Miguel Zuniga, MD, DrPH  
Student Column: Toward Elimination of Perinatal HIV Transmission: New Jersey Hospital Barriers to Rapid HIV Testing in Labor and Delivery, 2005 145
Carly E. Kelley, MD,MPH / Sindy Paul, MD, MPH / Firoozeh M. Vali, PhD / Jane M. Caruso, MS / Rose M. Martin, MPH / Patricia Fleming  

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