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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 126 , Issue Number 6
November/December 2011

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Article Title Page Number
Message from the Editor 773
Janice Huy, MS  
The National Prevention Strategy: Shifting the Nation’s Health-Care System 774
Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA  
Identification of Structural Interventions for HIV/AIDS Prevention: The Concept Mapping Exercise 777
Abu S. Abdul-Quader, PhD / Charles Collins, PhD  
Exploring Geographic Variation in Lung Cancer Incidence in Kentucky Using a Spatial Scan Statistic: Elevated Risk in the Appalachian Coal-Mining Region 789
W. Jay Christian, MPH / Bin Huang, DrPH / John Rinehart, MD / Claudia Hopenhayn, MPH, PhD  
Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Nulliparous vs. Multiparous Women 797
Marie L. Miranda, PhD / Sharon E. Edwards, Mstat / Evan R. Myers, MD, MPH  
Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Patterns Among American Indian Women at IHS Clinics in Montana and Wyoming 806
Robin Taylor Wilson, PhD / Jennifer Giroux, MD, MPH / Kathryn Rita Kasicky, MD / Bethany Hemlock Fatupaito, MPH / Eric C. Wood, PhD / Renee Crichlow, MD / Neil A. Sun Rhodes, MD, MPH / Jennifer Tingueley, MD, MPH / Andrea Wallingi / Kathryn Langwell, MA / Nathaniel Cobb, MD  
Changing Trends in Viral Hepatitis-Associated Hospitalizations in the American Indian/Alaska Native Population, 1995–2007 816
Kathy K. Byrd, MD, MPH / John T. Redd, MD, MPH / Robert C. Holman, MS / Dana Haberling, MSPH / James E. Cheek, MD, MPH  
Smoke-Free Laws, Gender, and Reduction in Hospitalizations for Acute Myocardial Infarction 826
Ellen J. Hahn, PhD, RN / Mary Kay Rayens, PhD / Patricia V. Burkhart, PhD RN / Debra K. Moser, DNSc, RN  
Black-White Differences in Self-Reported Disability Outcomes in the U.S.: Early Childhood to Older Adulthood 834
Amani M. Nuru-Jeter, PhD / Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD / Esme Fuller-Thomson, PhD  
Wild Mushroom Exposures in Florida, 2003–2007 844
Kristina W. Kintziger, PhD, MPH / Prakash Mulay, MBBS, MPH / Sharon Watkins, PhD / Jay Schauben, PharmD / Richard Weisman, PharmD / Cynthia Lewis-Younger, MD, MPH / Carina Blackmore, DVM, PhD  
Adverse Respiratory Symptoms and Environmental Exposures Among Children and Adolescents Following Hurricane Katrina 853
Barbara Rath, MD / Elizabeth A. Young, MPH / Amy Harris, MPH / James M. Perrin, MD / Daniel R. Bronfin, MD / Raoult Ratard, MD, MPH / Russell VanDyke, MD / Matthew Goldshore, MPH / Manya Magnus, PhD, MPH  
Increased Fall-Related Mortality Rates in New Mexico, 1999–2005 861
Aaron M. Wendelboe, PhD / Michael G. Landen, MD, MPH  
Veterinary Public Health Capacity in the United States: Opportunities for Improvement 868
Dwayne W. Jarman, DVM, MPH,, W.Dipl. ACVPM / Jennifer L. Liang, DVM, MPVM / Richard R. Luce, DVM, MPH / Jennifer G. Wright, DVM, MPH, Dipl, ACVPM / Gail M. Stennies, MD, MPH FACPM / Kristine M. Bisgard, DVM, MPH  
Accountable Care Organizations 875
Taylor Burke, JD, LLM  
On Academics: Incorporating Tuberculosis Content into Public Health Core Curricula: The TB Curriculum Development Project 881
Marian Rose Passannante, PhD / Julie Franks, PhD / George Khalil, MPH / Roberto C. Colson / Nisha Ahamed, MPH / Eileen Napolitano, BA  
Student Column: The Relationship Between Local Food Sources and Open Space to Body Mass Index in Urban Children 890
James J. Burns, MD, MPH / Sarah Goff, MD / Greg Karamian / Coleen Walsh, ME / Lela Hobby, RN, MSN, DNP / Jane Garb, MS  

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