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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 126
Supplement 1: Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

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This May/June 2011 supplemental issue of PHR evolved from CDC´s 2009 National Environmental Public Health Conference, also titled "Healthy People in a Healthy Environment." That conference aimed to develop and encourage innovative strategies for addressing existing and emerging issues impacting environmental public health, the discipline that focuses on the interrelationships between people and their environment, promotes human health and well-being, and fosters a safe and healthful environment.

Likewise, this special supplement covers a spectrum of topics about the relationship between health and the environment—from animals as sentinels of environmental and public health to the effect of nature contact on employees in the workplace. Guest editors Dr. Hugh M. Mainzer (CAPT, PHS) and Dr. Daphne B. Moffett (CAPT, PHS), both of CDC, included several articles in the supplement that address healthy housing issues, such as the continued dangers of lead exposure among children and a continued lack of public awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide exposures and how to prevent them, particularly after a disaster. “Green" housing renovations and health outcomes are also featured, as well as interventions to reduce allergens in the homes of asthmatic children. Finally, a commentary by Dr. Christopher J. Portier (CDC) describes the importance of expanding environmental public health beyond the basics of air, water, food, and soil to a broader and more comprehensive approach to help create sustainable, healthy human environments.
Article Title Page Number
Introduction to Healthy People in a Healthy Environment 1
Hugh M. Mainzer, MS, DVM / Daphne B. Moffett, PhD  
Comprehensive Environmental Public Health 3
Christopher J. Portier, PhD  
Teaching Home Environmental Health to Resident Physicians 7
Joseph S. Zickafoose, MD / Stuart Greenberg, MS / Dorr G. Dearborn, PhD, MD  
Healthy Homes University: A Home-Based Environmental Intervention and Education Program for Families with Pediatric Asthma in Michigan 14
Thomas W. Largo, MPH / Michele Borgialli, MPH, MSW / Courtney L. Wisinski, BS / Robert L. Wahl, DVM, MS / Wesley F. Priem, BS  
Oklahoma Healthy Homes Initiative 27
Fahad Khan, MPH  
Making Child Care Centers SAFER: A Non-Regulatory Approach to Improving Child Care Center Siting 34
Margaret L. Harvey, MPH / Tarah S. Somers, RN, MSN/ MPH / Sharee Major Rusnak, MSPH, ScD  
Promoting Active Transportation as a Partnership Between Urban Planning and Public Health: The Columbus Healthy Places Program 41
Christine Godward Green, MCRP / Elizabeth G. Klein  
Animal Sentinels for Environmental and Public Health 50
John S. Reif, DVM, MSc  
The 2009 National Environmental Public Health Conference: One Model for Planning Green and Healthy Conferences 58
Perri Zeitz Ruckart, MPH / Cory Moore, MPH / Deborah Burgin, PhD / Maggie Kelly Byrne, BA  
Health Outcomes and Green Renovation of Affordable Housing 64
Jill Breysse, MHS / William Weber, MARCH / Sherry L. Dixon, PhD / Carol Kawecki, MA, RN / Susan Aceti, MSW Rajni Lopez, MPH /  
Primary Prevention of Lead Exposure: The Philadelphia Lead Safe Homes Study 76
Carla Campbell, MD, MS / Mary Tran, MPH / Edward Gracely, PhD / Naomi Starkey, MPH, CPH CHES / Hans Kersten, MD / Peter Palermo, MS / Nancy Rothman, MEd, MSN, EdD / Laura Line, MS / Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD  
Nurse Case Management and Housing Interventions Reduce Allergen Exposures: The Milwaukee Randomized Controlled Trial 89
Jill Breysse, MHS / Jean Wendt, BS / Sherry L. Dixon, PhD  
Attitudes about Carbon Monoxide Safety in the United States: Results from the 2005 and 2006 HealthStyles Survey 100
Michael E. King, MSW, PhD / Scott A. Damon, MAIA, CPH  
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After an Ice Storm in Kentucky, 2009 108
Emily C. Lutterloh, MD, MPH / Shahed Iqbal, PhD / Jacquelyn H. Clower / Henry A. Spiller / Margaret A. Riggs, PhD, MPH, MS / Tennis J. Sugg, MPH / Kraig E. Humbaugh, MD, MPH / Betsy L. Cadwell, MSPH / Douglas Thoroughman, PhD, MS  
Hazards of Illicit Methamphetamine Production and Efforts at Reduction: Data from the Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance System 116
Natalia Melnikova, MD, PhD / Wanda Lizak Welles, PhD / Rebecca E. Wilburn, MPH / Steve Rice, BA / Jennifer Wu, MS / Martha Stanbury, MSPH  
Healthy Workplaces: The Effects of Nature Contact at Work on Employee Stress and Health 124
Erin Largo-Wight, PhD / W. William Chen, PhD, CHES / Virginia Dodd, PhD, MPH / Robert M. Weiler, PhD, MPH  
Residential Light and Risk for Depression and Falls: Results from the LARES Study of Eight European Cities 131
Mary Jean Brown, ScD, RN / David E. Jacobs, PhD  
Poverty, Sprawl, and Restaurant Types Influence Body Mass Index of Residents in California Counties 141
Jennifer Gregson, PhD, MPH  
Effects of a Television Drama about Environmental Exposure to Toxic Substances 150
May G. Kennedy, PhD, MPH / Elizabeth Eustis Turf, PhD / Maureen Wilson-Genderson, PhD / Kristen Wells, MPH / Grace C. Huang, MPH / Angela J. Beck, PhD, MPH  

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