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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 129 , Issue Number 4
July/August 2014

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July/August 2014 0
Public Health Reports  
A Message from the Editor 313
Betsy L. Thompson, MD, DrPH  
Surgeon General's Perspectives: Antibiotic Resistance: A Public Health Crisis 314
Boris D. Lushniak , MD, MPH, USPHS, RADM  
Letters to the Editor 317
Julia B. Griswold, PhD / Offer Grembek, PhD  
Improving Outcomes Along the HIV Care Continuum: Paying Careful Attention to the Non-Biologic Determinants of Health 319
Ronald O. Valdiserri, MD, MPH  
Effect of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Testing on Antiviral Treatment Decisions for Patients with Influenza-Like Illness: Southwestern U.S., May–December 2009 322
Anil Suryaprasad, MD / John T. Redd, MD, MPH / Philip M. Ricks, PhD, MPH / Laura Jean Podewils, MS, PhD / Meghan Brett, MD / Jane Oski, MD, MPH / Wanda Minenna, RN, MA / Frank Armao, MD / Barabara J. Vize, MD / James E. Cheek, MD, MPH  
Rapid HIV Testing at Gay Pride Events to Reach Previously Untested MSM: U.S., 2009–2010 328
Rennatus Mdodo, DrPH, MS / Peter E. Thomas, PHD, MPH / Anissa Walker, BBA / Pollyanna Chavez, PhD / Steven Ethridge, BS (CLS) / Emeka Oraka, MPH / Madeline Y. Sutton, MD, MPH  
The Status of the National HIV Surveillance System, United States, 2013 335
Stacy M. Cohen, MPH / Kristen Mahle Gray, MPH / M. Cheryl Bañez Ocfemia, MPH / Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH / H. Irene Hall, PhD  
Fatal Crashes from Drivers Testing Positive for Drugs in the U.S., 1993–2010 342
Fernando A. Wilson, PhD / Jim P. Stimpson, PhD / José A. Pagán, PhD  
Understanding the Burden of Tuberculosis Among American Indians/Alaska Natives in the U.S.: A Validation Study 351
Laura Jean Podewils, MS, PhD / Emily Alexy, MPH / Stephani Jean Driver, MPH / James E. Cheek, MD, MPH / Robert C. Holman, MS / Dana Haberling, MSPH / Meghan Brett, MD / Eugene McCray, MD / John T. Redd, MD, MPH  
What Predicts Dissemination Efforts Among Public Health Researchers in the United States? 361
Rachel G. Tabak, PhD / Katherine A. Stamatakis, PhD, MPH / Julie A. Jacobs, MPH / Ross C. Brownson, PhD  
Law and the Public's Health: How the Affordable Care Act Affects Inmates. 369
Juliette Forstenzer Espinosa, MA, JD, LLM / Marsha Regenstein, PhD  
NCHS Dataline 374
Sandra S. Smith, MPH  
From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: On Academics, Integrating Competencies and Learning Outcomes in Core Courses for the MPH 376
Leah Hooper, MST / Melissa D. Begg, ScD / Lisa M. Sullivan, PhD  
From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: On Academics, Effective Practices for Teaching the Biostatistics Core Course for the MPH Using a Competency-Based Approach 381
Lisa M. Sullivan, PhD / Leah Hooper, MST / Melissa D. Begg, ScD  

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