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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 129
Supplement 1: Program Collaboration and Service Integration

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This January/February 2014 supplemental issue of Public Health Reports (PHR) presents a selection of innovative approaches, studies, and lessons learned from efforts to implement program collaboration and service integration (PCSI) in the prevention and control of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and tuberculosis (TB) in the United States.

Article Title Page Number
Supplement 1: Program Collaboration and Service Integration 0
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Program Collaboration and Service Integration in the Prevention and Control of HIV Infection, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, and Tuberculosis in the US: Lessons Learned from the Field 1
Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP / Gustavo A. Aquino, MPH / Hazel D. Dean, ScD, MPH  
Screening for Hepatitis C as a Prevention Enhancement (SHAPE) for HIV: An Integration Pilot Initiative in a Massachusetts County Correctional Facility 5
Noelle Cocoros, DSc / Eduardo Nettle, BA / Daniel Church, MPH / Lori Bourassa, PhD, MPH / Vicki Sherwin, BS / Kevin Cranston, MDiv / Robert Carr, MEd / H. Dawn Fukuda, ScM / Alfred DeMaria, Jr., MD  
Missed Opportunities for Concurrent HIV-STD Testing in an Academic Emergency Department 12
Pamela W. Klein, MSPH, PhD / Ian B.K. Martin, MD / Evelyn B. Quinlivan, MD / Cynthia L. Gay, MD, MPH / Peter A. Leone, MD  
Integrated Screening for Tuberculosis and HIV in Tuberculosis Contact Investigations: Lessons Learned in North Carolina 21
Jason E. Stout, MD, MHS / Shereen Katrak, MD, MPH / Neela D. Goswami, MD / Brianna L. Norton, MD / Ellen R. Fortenberry, RN / Evelyn Foust, MPH / Peter A. Leone, MD  
Integrating Health and Prevention Services in Syringe Access Programs: A Strategy to Address Unmet Needs in a High-Risk Population 26
Carolyn K. Burr, EdD, RN / Deborah S. Storm, MSN, PhD / Mary Jo Hoyt, MSN / Loretta Dutton, MPA / Linda Berezny, RN, BA / Virginia Allread, MPH / Sindy Paul, MD, MPH  
Program Collaboration and Service Integration Activities Among HIV Programs in 59 U.S. Health Departments 33
Lauren F. Fitz Harris, MPH / Lauren Toledo, MPH / Erica Dunbar, MPH / Gustavo A. Aquino, MPH / Steven R. Nesheim, MD  
Facebook-Augmented Partner Notification in a Cluster of Syphilis Cases in Milwaukee 43
Paul Hunter, MD / Otilio Oyervides, BBA / Katarina M. Grande, MPH / Daphne Prater, BSBA, CSAC / Vannessa Vann, AA / Irmine Reitl, MSN / Paul Biedrzycki, MPH, MBA  
Partner Services as Targeted HIV Screening—Changing the Paradigm 50
Kyle T. Bernstein, PhD, ScM / Sally C. Stephens, MPH / Nicholas Moss, MD, MPH / Susan Scheer, PhD, MPH / Maree Kay Parisi, BA / Susan S. Philip, MD, MPH  
A Novel Integration Effort to Reduce the Risk for Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Among Women Attending Urban STD Clinics 56
Heidi E. Hutton, PHD / Geetanjali Chander, MD, MPH / Paricia P. Green, MSPH / Catherine A. Hutsell, MPH / Kimberly Weingarten, LGSW / Karen L. Peterson, MD  
Data Harmonization Process for Creating the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention Atlas 63
Kim Elmore, PhD, MA / Rob Nelson, MPH / Zanetta Gant, PhD, MS / Carla Jeffries, MPH / Lance Broeker, MBA / Massimo Mirabito, MBA / Henry Roberts, PhD  
A Public Health Framework for Developing Local Preventive Services Guidelines 70
Priscilla Lee Chu, DrPH / Israel Nieves-Rivera, BS / Jennifer Grinsdale, MPH / Sandra Huang, MD / Susan S. Philip, MD, MPH / Amy Pine, MPH / Susan Scheer, PhD, MPH / Tomás Aragón, MD, DrPH  
The Effect of Case Rate and Coinfection Rate on the Positive Predictive Value of a Registry Data-Matching Algorithm 79
Qiang Xia, MD, MPH / Sarah Braunstein, PhD, MPH / Laura Stadelmann, MPH / Preeti Pathela, DrPH / Lucia V. Torian, PhD  
Trends in Reported Syphilis and Gonorrhea Among HIV-Infected People in Arizona: Implications for Prevention and Control 85
Julia M. Skinner, MS / Jana Distefano, MPH / Jennifer Warrington, MPH / S. Robert Bailey, MSPH / Michelle Winscott, MD, MPH / Melanie M. Taylor, MD, MPH  
Epidemiology of the Viral Hepatitis-HIV Syndemic in San Francisco: A Collaborative Surveillance Approach 95
Melissa A. Sanchez, PhD, MA / Susan Scheer, PhD, MPH / Sue Shallow, MPH, CACLS / Sharon Pipkin, MPH / Sandra Huang, MD  

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