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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 131 , Issue Number 2
March/April 2016

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March/April 2016 0
Public Health Reports  
A Message from the Editor 221
Frederic E. Shaw, MD, JD  
Surgeon General's Perspectives: Oral Health in America, 2000 to Present: Progress Made, but Challenges Remain 224
Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA  
Letter to the Editor 226
Jennifer Mansfield / Dennis A. Savaiano, PhD  
AHRQ’s Role in Improving Quality, Safety, and Health System Performance 229
Richard Kronick, PhD  
Thirdhand Smoke: State of the Science and a Call for Policy Expansion 233
Thomas F. Northrup, PhD / Peyton Jacob, III, PhD / Neal L. Benowitz, MD / Eunha Hoh, PhD / Penelope J.E. Quintana, PhD, MPH / Melbourne Hovell, PhD, MPH / Georg E. Matt, PhD / Angela L. Stotts, PhD  
The Congressional Public Health Caucus 239
James T. Currie, PhD, US Army (Ret.)  
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Oral Health Strategic Framework, 2014–2017 242
U.S. DHHS Oral Health Coordinating Committee  
Sharing Overdose Data Across State Agencies to Inform Public Health Strategies: A Case Study 258
Sara Cherico-Hsii, MPH / Andrea Bankoski, MPH / Pooja Singal, MHS / Isabelle L. Horon, DrPH / Eric Beane, JD / Kathleen Rebbert-Franklin, MSW / Joshua Sharfstein, MD  
Online Hookup Sites for Meeting Sexual Partners Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Rhode Island, 2013: A Call for Public Health Action 264
Philip A. Chan, MD, MS / Caitlin Towey, MPH / Joanna Poceta, BA / Jennifer Rose, PhD / Thomas Bertrand, MPH / Rami Kantor, MD / Julia Harvey, BA / E. Karina Santamaria, MPH / Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH / Amy Nunn, ScD, MS  
Characteristics of Local Health Departments Associated with Implementation of Electronic Health Records and Other Informatics Systems 272
Gulzar H. Shah, PhD, MStat, MS / Jonathon P. Leider, PhD / Brian C. Castrucci, MA / Karmen S. Williams, MSPH, MA / Huabin Luo, PhD  
Timing of Clinical Billing Reimbursement for a Local Health Department 283
J. Mac McCullough, PhD, MPH  
The Association Between Neighborhood Poverty and HIV Diagnoses Among Males and Females in New York City, 2010–2011 290
Ellen W. Wiewel, DrPH, MHS / Angelica Boucour / Laura Kersanske, MPH / Sara Bodach, MPH / Qiang Xia, MD, MPH / Sarah Braunstein, PhD, MPH  
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection, Immigration Status, and Diagnostic Discordance: A Comparison of Tuberculin Skin Test and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube Test Among Immigrants to the U.S. 303
Fernando A. Wilson, PhD / Thaddeus L. Miller, DrPH / Jim P. Stimpson, PhD  
HIV Testing Among Men at Risk for Acquiring HIV Infection Before and After the 2006 CDC Recommendations 311
Candice K. Kwan, MD / Charles E. Rose, PhD / John T. Brooks, MD / Gary Marks, PhD / Catlainn Sionean, PhD  
Physician Attitudes Toward Adult Vaccines and Other Preventive Practices, United States, 2012 320
Laura P. Hurley, MD, MPH / Carolyn Bridges, MD / Rafael Harpaz, MD, MPH / Mandy A. Allison, MD, MSPH / Sean T. O'Leary, MD / Lori Crane, PhD, MPH / Michaela Brtnikova, Phd, MPH / Shannon Stokley, MPH / Brenda L. Beaty, MSPH / Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano, MPH / Allison Kempe, MD, MPH  
Distribution, Determinants, and Prevention of Falls Among the Elderly in the 2011–2012 California Health Interview Survey 331
Zijian Qin, MBBS / Lorena Baccaglini, DDS, PHD, MS  
Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in the United States: Updated Estimates of Women and Girls at Risk, 2012 340
Howard Goldberg, PhD / Paul Stupp, PhD / Ekwutosi Okoroh, MD / Ghenet Besera, MPH / David Goodman, PhD, MS / Isabella Danel, MD  
The Great Recession of 2007–2009 and Public Insurance Coverage for Children in Alabama: Enrollment and Claims Data from 1999–2011 348
Michael Morrisey, PhD / Justin Blackburn, PhD / David J. Becker, PhD / Bisakha Sen, PhD / Merdith L. Kilgore, PhD, RN / Cathy Caldwell, MPH / Nir Menachemi  
Sociodemographic Differences Among U.S. Children and Adults Exposed to Secondhand Smoke at Home: National Health Interview Surveys 2000 and 2010 357
Tingting Yao, PhD / Hai-Yen Sung, PhD / Yingning Wang, PhD / James Lightwood, PhD / Wendy Max, PhD  
Defining Sickle Cell Disease Mortality Using a Population-Based Surveillance System, 2004 through 2008 367
Susan T. Paulukonis, MA, MPH / James R. Eckman, MD / Angela B. Snyder, PhD / Ward Hagar, MD / Lisa B. Feuchtbaum, DrPH / Mei Zhou, MS / Althea M. Grant, PhD, MPH / Mary M. Hulihan, DrPH  
NCHS Dataline 376
Sandra S. Smith, MPH  
Law and the Public's Health: Raising the Tobacco Sales Age to 21: Surveying the Legal Landscape 378
Micah L. Berman, JD  

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