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Volume 131, Issue No. 4 July/August 2016
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ISSN 0033-3549
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Volume 128
Supplement 1: Understanding Sexual Health

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This supplemental issue of March/April 2013 Public Health Reports (PHR) presents a variety of articles addressing the science and practical applications of sexual health, an important health promotion concept with the potential for improving population health in a broad range of areas related to sexual behavior, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), viral hepatitis, teen and unintended pregnancy, and sexual violence. The focus of these articles is especially timely given the population burden of these conditions in the United States and other nations, and the growing recognition that, despite the sensitive nature of the topic, addressing the broad construct of sexual health can enhance the national dialogue in this area and increase the effectiveness of public health programs.

Article Title Page Number
Understanding Sexual Health and Its Role in More Effective Prevention Programs 1
John M. Douglas, Jr., MD / Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP  
Socioeconomic Disadvantage as a Social Determinant of Teen Childbearing in the U.S. 5
Ana Penman-Aguilar, PhD, MPH / Marion Carter, PhD / M. Christine Snead, PhD / Athena P. Kourtis, MD, PhD  
Racial Differences in Age at First Sexual Intercourse: Residential Racial Segregation and the Black-White Disparity Among U.S. Adolescents 23
Katie Brooks Biello, PhD / Jeannette Ickovics, PhD / Linda Niccolai, PhD / Haiqun Lin, PhD / Trace Kershaw, PhD  
In Their Own Words: Romantic Relationships and the Sexual Health of Young African American Women 33
Colleen Crittenden Murray, DrPh / Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy, PhD / Joan Marie Kraft, PhD / Anna R. Bergdall, MPH / Melissa A. Habel, MPH / Melissa Kottke, MD, MPH, MBA / Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD  
On the Road to Well-Being: The Development of a Communication Framework for Sexual Health 43
Susan J. Robinson, MS / Adam Stellato, MA / Jennifer Stephens, MPH / Susan Kirby, DrPH, MPH / Ann Forsythe, PhD / Megan B. Ivankovich, MPH  
The Development and Validation of Sexual Health Indicators of Canadians Aged 16–24 Years 53
Lisa Smylie, PhD / Barbara Clarke / Maryanne Doherty, PhD / Jacqueline Gahagan, PhD / Matthew Numer, MEd / Joanne Otis, PhD / Greg Smith / Alexander McKay, PhD / Christine Soon, MPH  
Measurement of Sexual Health in the U.S.: An Inventory of Nationally Representative Surveys and Surveillance Systems 62
Megan B. Ivankovich, MPH / Jami S. Leichliter, PhD / John M. Douglas, Jr., MD  
Community Attitudes About Discussing Sexual Health: Assessing Public Opinion of Local STD Prevention Campaigns 73
Rosalind Thomas, MPH / Brigitte Bekan Homawoo, MD, MPH / Kristi McClamroch, PhD / Benjamin Wise, MS / F. Bruce Coles, DO  
Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP): Preventing HIV, STIs, and Unplanned Pregnancies in the Navy and Marine Corps 81
Michael R. (Bob) MacDonald, MS, CHES  
Shifting the Paradigm in Oregon from Teen Pregnancy Prevention to Youth Sexual Health 89
Robert J. Nystrom, MA / Jessica E.A. Duke, MPH / Brad Victor, MAT  
Sexual Health Training and Education in the U.S. 96
Jessie V. Ford, MSc / Rheta Barnes, MSN, MPH / Anne Rompalo, MD, ScM / Edward W. Hook III, MD  
Considerations for National Public Health Leadership in Advancing Sexual Health 102
Megan B. Ivankovich, MPH / Kevin A. Fenton, MD, PhD, FFP / John M. Douglas, Jr., MD  
Addressing Sexual Health: Looking Back, Looking Forward 111
David Satcher, MD, PhD  

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